With Just 3 Days Left For A Life-Saving Liver Transplant, This Laborer Struggles To Save His 8-Year-Old Son | Milaap
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With Just 3 Days Left For A Life-Saving Liver Transplant, This Laborer Struggles To Save His 8-Year-Old Son

"One night, he cried out loudly and the very next moment he was gasping for air. We were terrified and the doctor told us that he has developed a severe breathing difficulty. He has completely stopped eating. Even the simple act of chewing and gulping food makes him breathless and chokes him. He is surviving only on liquids. He cannot walk or move on his own because his stomach is so painfully swollen. On some days, he just lies on his back for hours because even a slight movement causes him unbearable pain. Every day our fear of losing him is growing as his condition is only getting worse." - Satyanarayana, Nishanth's father

After 3 long years of suffering, little Nishanth is now on the verge of death

"For the past three years, Nishanth has been very calm and did not show much interest in anything. He was not as active as his younger brother. When we took him for a general checkup, his reports were normal and we thought it was usual for the boy of his age. But when recently the doctor said that the problem started 3 years ago, my heart broke. For the first time in my life, I regret being illiterate. I should have taken him to a bigger hospital. We wouldn't have to see this day. I completely failed as a father. I can never forgive myself if anything happens to him." - Satyanarayana.

A few weeks ago, little Nishanth suffered severe jaundice. When the parents took him to the local hospital, they were told that it was not just jaundice but the child was suffering from something more. The worried couple quickly moved him to the nearest city, Vijayawada from Yeturu, Krishna district, where they diagnosed the disease. The parents were told that his condition was very critical and they have only a few days left to save him.

The swollen liver doesn't let Nishanth breathe and eat

8-year-old Nishanth is suffering from acute liver failure, a condition which rapidly deteriorates the functioning of the liver after the first signs of liver disease (jaundice) and it also indicates that the liver has sustained severe damage. The last resort of survival for little Nishanth is an urgent liver transplant. He needs to undergo the surgery in three days, without which he will not survive.

"Life seems to be as scary as death for us. My son was completely alright  20 days ago. He suddenly turned yellow and his stomach started bloating abnormally. When we rushed him to the hospital, they told us that his liver is completely damaged. He is fighting death now. I was not prepared for this. I ran to every person that I could think of, I begged and borrowed every penny I could but in vain. I could only afford to admit him in the hospital. He needs a liver transplant in three days and I am unable to do anything. As a father, it is terrible to stand helplessly when your child is dying." - Satyanarayana

With a meagre income of Rs 320 a day, this daily wage laborer cannot save his son

"I am a daily wage laborer in a farm. I am able to find work only four or five days in a week. With the little amount, I was struggling to feed three people and was trying to provide proper education to my children as I wish a better life for them unlike us. But the cruel fate had changed our lives in a moment with the fatal disease. My wife, Agitha sold her jewelry and I borrowed a huge sum of money but even then I am unable to save him. I was able to spend 1 lakh till now. The transplant which can save my son costs 20 lakhs, the money that I can never earn in my lifetime." - Satyanarayana.

How You Can Help

8-year-old Nishanth is suffering from acute liver failure, a condition where the liver is completely damaged. Only an urgent liver transplant can save Nishanth from death. He is left with only 3 days for the surgery and the poor parents have tried everything they could to save their son but they are unable to afford the treatment, they will not be able to save him without your help.

Your kind contribution can save Nishanth

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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