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Help This Little Girl Fight Cancer And Go Back To School Again

One day I came home from the neighbouring shop to find my daughter lying unconscious next to the dining table. Just a few minutes before that, she had stood right there asking me to buy her a chocolate from the shop. I didn’t know that it was just the beginning of her pain and suffering,” – Samta, mother.

After four months of suffering, young Vaidhyavee was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer. Samta and Pawan had done everything they could to get her disease diagnosed, and now her treatment is beyond their means. Vaidhyavee needs chemotherapy to beat cancer.

A school topper, Vaidhyavee's bright future is now at a standstill because of cancer

11-year-old Vaidhyavee, a school topper, is an energetic and cheerful young girl. At home, her parents would often find her singing her way around the house or tapping new dance steps to her favourite songs. There was always happiness when she was around. Now as Vaidhyavee gets chemotherapy , she’s either thinking about her school days or staring into oblivion. Every time she meets the doctors, she tells them “Can I go home now? I have to go back to school doctor.” But Vaidhyavee can only beat cancer and go back to the life she once knew if she gets chemotherapy for the next 6 months. Without this, Samta and Pawan might lose her.

"She overheard us saying 'cancer' one day, but she never asked us what it was. She thinks that it's a fever that will go away in no time. She thinks she will soon be back in school with her friends, and that's what is keeping her so positive. But we know that without treatment, so won't make it," - Samta 

Chemotherapy can save her life, but her helpless parents can’t afford it

Samta, a housewife, has spent the last four months watching over her little daughter. As Pawan sets off for his driving job in the wee hours of the morning, she tells him to do his best to find a way to continue their daughter’s treatment. But Pawan can't help but feel like he's failing. They have already spent 7 lakhs on her treatment so far. The 12 lakhs required is above and beyond what they can afford.

“My husband earns around 10,000 per month. That’s not enough for her treatment. Her school teachers and our relatives have tried to do their best to help us, and we’re forever grateful to them. But we still need help. Vaidhyavee can get better with treatment. Poverty is the only thing that is preventing us from helping her,” – Samta

How You Can Help

Vaidhyavee has aggressive blood cancer and needs chemotherapy for the next 6 months to beat it. However, her parents can’t afford the treatment. While their relatives and Vaidhyavee's school administration has lent a helping hand, It’s not enough. Your support will help this bright, young girl fight cancer and go back home, happy.

Your support will save Vaidhyavee’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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