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Single Mother Can't Save Her 6-Year-Old From His Failing Heart After Husband Abandoned Them

His hands, legs and lips have turned completely blue. He cries all the time because he can barely breathe anymore. Even sitting up for too long makes him tired. His condition is only getting worse as the days are going by."

Parimala wakes up every day with only one intent – to make sure she and her 6-year-old son don’t go to bed starving. Ever since her husband abandoned them when Thirupathi was just 6-months-old, their life has been an uphill battle. Not only has Thirupathi grown up without a father, but his heart condition makes him feel so weak that he’s never gone to school or made any friends in his village. He now spends his time on the floor of their hut, crying because every breath is a painful struggle for him. Medicines aren’t enough to keep him alive, he needs a heart surgery before it's too late. 

Thirupathi cries in excruciating pain, while his heart gets weaker by the day

My husband left us when he was just a baby for another woman. Ever since then, it’s just been us. I’ve tried to do what’s best for Thiru but there’s a lot that I don’t understand. They tell me he was born with a heart condition, but he showed no symptoms. I thought my baby was fine. Now his condition has worsened. I hope it’s not my illiteracy that is causing my son so much pain. I hope, it's not too late.”

Thirupathi will not survive without heart surgery

Thirupathi was born with a serious heart condition in which the aorta is connected to the right ventricle instead of the left ventricle. The right ventricle pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs, while the left ventricle pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body. With no arteries connected to the left ventricle, the blood circulated in Thirupathi’s body is only oxygen-poor blood. He now needs a heart surgery at the earliest to make it, but Parimala has nothing left to save him. 

His mother is struggling to save him on Rs. 80 per day

Parimala has hardly anything to call her own, except the small hut she and Thirupathi live in. Occasionally, her brothers come to visit her and try to help, but Parimala and Thirupathi have mostly spent their lives in isolation. In such dire conditions, Parimala doesn’t know how she’s going to afford Thirupathi’s surgery that will cost 2 lakhs, an unimaginable amount for her.

I earn 80 rupees in a day. That’s hardly enough to get us by. On some days I don’t even know if we’re going to get a full meal, and now I need 2 lakhs for his surgery. Without this, he won’t survive. He’s the only one I have left. He’s everything to me and if I can’t save him, I will never forgive myself.”

How You Can Help

Thirupathi needs an urgent heart surgery to survive. After suffering in silence for years, this is his only chance to make it out of this misery. The only thing standing in his way is their poverty, and no matter how hard she tries, Parimala will never be able to afford the surgery on her own. You can help Thirupathi get the surgery he needs and give him a chance of a healthier, happier future.

Your support will save Thirupathi’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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