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Family That Goes Hungry Most Nights Because They Cannot Afford Food Now Need Lakhs To Save Son's Life

“We couldn’t get our son any medical help since 6 months because we didn’t have a single rupee. Half the days we have to go without food, from where can I afford treatment worth lakhs of rupees?”
Anjanna’s 8-year-old son, Sagar started bleeding from his gums about 6 months ago. Slowly other symptoms started appearing, patchy skin and rashes, yellowing of eyes and skin, swelling of the stomach etc. His parents took him to the hospital to find out what was happening to him. The doctors ran a lot of tests and diagnosed him with Chronic Liver Disease. They told him that Sagar would need a transplant to survive.

Anjanna just needed more time to arrange money for his son's treatment

When Anjanna heard the cost of the treatment, he immediately had to back off. Anjanna’s family has to go hungry half the days, their financial condition wasn’t allowing him to fund his youngest son’s treatment. All he needed was, some time for arranging the money required for the treatment. But sadly, Sagar’s disease progressed rapidly, leading to his hospitalisation last week.

“He would ask us why his tummy is swelling and hurting, his brother and sister constantly sit and cry looking at their younger brother’s condition. I feel helpless as a father. I’m not able to give my children any courage or strength, not even enough food or necessary treatment.”

His condition completely deteriorated in 6 months

Sagar’s symptoms started getting worse. His stomach was swollen and rock hard to touch. He had to discontinue school because he barely had the strength to stand up and walk. His skin started getting very itchy and he would be constantly scratching but there was no relief. He lost so much weight that everyone who saw him started saying how he looked like skin and bones, except for his pot belly.

When his parents brought him to Rainbow hospital, the doctors told them that Sagar’s liver had completely failed and that he needed a liver transplant very urgently, lest he lose this battle. Hapless, Anjanna had no choice but to admit his son. By this time, he had loaned some money from his friends and acquaintances. All that money got exhausted in the first 2 days of Sagar’s hospital stay, and he is back to the same helpless state he was in, 6 months ago. 

Sagar's siblings tell him everything about school so that he doesn't feel he is missing out

Sagar’s days are numbered if he doesn’t get the surgery soon. He is a bright child who misses going to school. His brother and sister still go to the Anganwadi school in their small village. Whenever they meet their little brother, they give him updates about his friends and what is happening at school. This cheers Sagar up. 

“Seeing them talk and laugh about the small things reminds me of how good it used to be before Sagar fell sick. All I want is, for things to go back to the way they were before. My children make me very happy, I wish I could make them happy too.”

Most of the days Anjanna has no income at all

Anjanna works as a daily wage laborer, but he doesn’t get work all year round. He only gets seasonal work, and earns only Rs 250 a day. With that irregular and meagre income, he and his wife Anjamma, try their best to make ends meet. But sometimes when there is no money, they go to bed hungry. Living in such dismal conditions, they can’t even think of paying for Sagar’s treatment, which will cost them Rs 16 lakhs.

How you can help

Saying no to treatment means losing his son to the fatal disease. His poverty shouldn’t lead to his son succumbing to this bleak condition. Anjanna desperately needs money to save his little boy and only you can help him now. Your contribution will save Sagar and give him a fair second chance at life.

Please help save little Sagar from a this deadly condition.    

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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