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Widowed Mother Struggles To Save Son Who Can Get A Brain Haemorrhage Any Moment Without An Urgent Transplant

Note: Tanishq is at a high risk of getting a brain haemorrhage any time and requires the transplant asap.
“I was taking my son to the hospital for his treatment when he saw children getting injections and ran away from the spot immediately. He didn't want to stay in the hospital even for a second as he was trembling in fear. I had held him tight and told him that it is the only way he can get better. Now, my son has become so tired and weak that he doesn’t speak at all. I don’t know how long he has to go through this endless suffering.” - Pramila, mother

Pramila took care of her children all by herself after her husband's death, was shocked when Tanishq got sick

Pramila’s husband Sanjay died tragically after suffering from a deadly infection 8 years ago. She has struggled to look after children Ashwin, Manthan and Tanishq ever since. Despite hardships, she always strived to provide them with a decent life. All her children were growing up healthy and happy until one day, 4 years back, Tanishq started getting black and yellow spots all over his entire body. Worried, Pramila rushed him to the hospital where he was found to have extremely low blood count. He underwent blood transfusions for 15 days and he got better. He was fine for the next few years until everything changed for the worse a month back. He was excited about getting promoted to 7th std at school when he became sick again and his condition started deteriorating very badly.

Tanishq when he was healthy

“That day as I was trying to wake up Tanishq, I saw his pillow covered in blood. His gums were bleeding profusely and his body was running at a high temperature. I tried to control the bleeding by putting cotton but it didn’t stop. I got scared and took him to the doctor. After some tests, the doctor told that his blood count was dangerously low. He was given a few bottles of blood immediately but even that didn’t work. I thought I was going to lose my son.” - Pramila, mother

Tanishq is suffering from a deadly blood disease that can cause brain haemorrhage any moment if not treated

Tanishq is suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome, a dangerous condition that can occur when the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow become abnormal. This leads to low counts of one or more types of blood cells. Tanishq needs to undergo stem cell transplant otherwise he will have a brain haemorrhage. Fortunately, his elder brother Ashwin is a suitable donor for the transplant but Pramila is struggling to pay for the transplant.
He was talking to his friends on the phone and looked happy while he was talking to them. But soon after he cut the call, he started crying. I did not tell him about his disease, but I think he now knows it. He used to be so scared and cried every time he sees the nurse coming to give him injections. But now he’s so used to this pain that he doesn’t cry anymore. He looks at me helplessly and asks me, ‘Mumma, will I ever be going home?’ I try to hide my tears and console him saying that we’ll go home after the treatment gets over.” - Pramila, mother

Having no source of income, Pramila cannot afford the transplant that can save his son’s life

Without a job, Pramila looked after her children with the help of her relatives. To save her son from the deadly disease, Pramila sold her jewellery and borrowed a lot of money from relatives and neighbours. She has spent 3 lakhs so far only for his medical tests and check-ups. And now with no money left, she has no way of affording the life-saving transplant for her son.
I had to stop my elder son’s college education just to meet the treatment expenses. I did everything I could for my son to recover. But now affording a transplant worth 18 lakhs is impossible for me. All my son asks is to take him home but without any money for the treatment, I'm just very helpless. We will soon have to stop the treatment too.” - Pramila, mother

How you can help

Pramila already lost her husband 8 years ago and is now risks losing her son too. Tanishq will have a brain haemorrhage if he doesn’t get treated right away. But already being in debt, she has no way to save her son. Your kind support is the only hope at all this mother has to see her son Alive.

Your kind contribution can help this widowed mother save her son

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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