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This 6-Year-Old Is Thrilled That Chemotherapy Means He Can Eat Three Times A Day

6-year-old Santhosh is happy that his mother does not have to cook and can be by his side 24x7. He is thrilled to eat thrice a day, something he never had before. Santhosh mostly lies on his mother’s lap but sits right up when he sees the nurse bringing in his plate.

'He was in so much pain that I was not sure how he was standing'

It has been a month since Santhosh played with his siblings Nani and Ammulu. He used to bounce around the house with the energy of a ping pong ball, causing a ruckus all day long. Lurtha Mary blamed this when he came to her with severe pain in his leg.

He was squirming so much from the pain. He also had a high fever. I soon understood it was not from playing too much. Ever after taking medicines and rest, Santhosh started crying in pain. That is when we took him to the hospital in Kadappa.”  - Lurtha

'To Santhosh, the hospital feels like a hotel' 

The family had to go to Chennai to find the right diagnosis. They never thought it would be blood cancer. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is an aggressive form that affects the white blood cells. Without timely treatment, it could spread from the bone marrow and affect the rest of his body within weeks or months.

"This is the first time we have come out of our village. For Santhosh, coming to Chennai is like a holiday. He does not know the truth about this situation. He is just happy to have a comfortable bed, food to eat every other hour, and a TV." - Lurtha Mary, Mother.

Santhosh with his family, who lived a happy and modest life together despite their poverty

This cancer can be cured in time

Santhosh has completed 3 cycles of chemo already. His parents have told him that his body has bad blood and that is causing his fever. Unlike most children, He cooperates with the doctors and eats his medicines without a fuss.

I told him that his body needs medicines to make good blood like how the soil needs fertilizers to grow healthy crops. That way his fever will go, and he will grow tall. Now, he has started losing hair to chemo. Instead of crying about it, he is determined to listen to the doctors.” - Baludu (father)

'Every day I work is a day I earn for his treatment'

Baludu and Lurtha both work on the farm for Rs 350/day. After Santhosh was admitted, Baludu went back to the village to make at least Rs 200/day which he sends his wife. He borrowed and spent Rs. 1.5 lakhs just on medicines. Unable to afford the rest of the chemotherapy treatment, Baludu is begging everyone for financial help.

You can help Santhosh beat cancer

Except Santhosh, nobody in the family eats more than a meal a day. We want to save as much as possible for his treatment. I feel like I will fail him because I cannot arrange Rs 10 lakhs even if it takes 10 years. Please help me cure my son of cancer.” 
Being at the hospital feels like a luxury to little Santhosh. However, he is eager to return to the comforts and warmth of his home, play with his siblings and attend school.

Santhosh’s treatment has one of the highest success rates. Help him find his cure.

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