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Sushma Could Have Lost Her Life To Multi-Organ Failure If It Weren't For Your Help, Now You Can Save Others Like Her

Ever since she was a child, Sushma had dreamed of becoming a lecturer. You would never see her without a book in hand, and she would often express her desire to teach and brighten the lives of others. The ambitious young girl was so driven by her dream, that she never missed a single day of school. But her life and her aspirations came to a sudden halt, when she fell terribly ill in 2019.

“Just a day prior to falling sick, she had been in high spirits - jumping around and dancing. All of a sudden, she came down with a fever, and her face swelled up. At first, we thought she had exerted herself, but days later rashes showed up on her skin and her entire body had swelled up. She fell unconscious on the way to the hospital - it was just so terrifying to see her like this. The doctor there told us that her condition was critical due a rare disease that had already claimed major parts of her body.” - Sujatha, mother

Within a matter of hours, this ambitious girl was at the brink of death

Sushma was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks blood vessels throughout the body causing muscle inflammation. It had severely affected the respiratory system and her kidney was on the verge of failure. Her parents, Srinivas and Sujatha, had been stunned by her diagnosis, but they knew that they were short on time to save her and she needed prolonged intensive care to survive.

She was on dialysis, multiple steroids, and blood transfusions for a long period of time, without which she would not have survived long. She had been on the ventilator for over a month, but the infection was so bad that she couldn’t breathe even through mechanical support. They had to perform a tracheostomy, where a tube attached to her neck was helping her breathe. ” - Srinivas, father

This priest couldn’t afford his daughter’s life-saving treatment

With Sushma hanging onto life by a thread, her parents had left no stone unturned in ensuring that her treatment went on smoothly and uninterrupted. But as a temple priest, he made a daily income of just INR 100, and had no assets he could sell or mortgage. He also borrowed huge sums of money on heavy interest, and was neck-deep in debt. After spending all he had on his daughter’s treatment, Srinivas couldn’t bear the expenses of her mounting medical bills.

“When all was well, my husband and I would discuss how we would support our daughter’s dream. But during those desperate times while she lay looking lifeless on that hospital bed, we kept praying and wondering how we would save our child. Our plans for her future didn’t matter in that moment. We just wanted her to be able to breathe properly and stand on her feet again. But her treatment of 14 lakh rupees was just so far away from our reach…” - Sujatha

Sushma with her family, before she fell ill.

When all doors had closed on them, you became their ray of hope

Sushma’s poor parents had tried all they could, but had run out of ways to support her treatment. They felt defeated in terms of arranging the money they would require to save their daughter’s life. That is when you became their beacon of hope, and shined your light on young Sushma. With your abundant blessings and support, Sushma’s treatment continued without a hitch, and she was soon able to make a full recovery.

The day she was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, her parents rejoiced and they owe it all to you. Had you not stepped in when you did, these parents may have lost their daughter forever. Today, Sushma is enjoying a new lease of life and back on track, working towards her dream of becoming a lecturer.

Sushma in recovery.

This wouldn't have been possible without your blessings, love and well wishes. My family and I are truly fortunate to have had you all by our side, because we couldn't have overcome this difficult phase of life without your support. No words will ever be able to express my gratitude to you for coming forward and saving our child. Thank you, each and every one of you, for bringing our Sushma back to us.” - Srinivas

Sushma's parents were fortunate that their prayers were answered right in time, and that your help arrived before something bad could happen to their precious girl. But the bitter truth is that many children born with rare disorders do not receive the same help. Millions of innocent kids suffer from cruel symptoms such as underdevelopment, weakness, localised pain, etc, due to which their life becomes a living nightmare.

If these little ones do not get treated within a specific period of time, the quality of life suffers, and eventually they face the risk of death. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures. You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Kids’ Rare Disease Fund, which will ensure that no child suffering from rare diseases is left behind.

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