This 16-year-old Who Wants To Be The Next MS Dhoni Has Days Left For A Life-saving Liver Transplant | Milaap
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This 16-year-old Who Wants To Be The Next MS Dhoni Has Days Left For A Life-saving Liver Transplant

For years, Susheakaran has been telling the world that he will be an ace cricketer like MS Dhoni. He used to wake up early even on weekends, travel a hundred kilometers to the coaching camp and practice till sunset. He was even selected to play in the U-12 district cricket team in Thiruvallur. The coaches said that he is an all-rounder and can make it to the state or nationals. Today, at 16, Susheakaran can hardly stand without help.

‘We can afford to keep him alive for a little while, but not the cure’

In 2014, Susheakaran went for the U-14 selection. He was ill, yet determined to make the tryouts. He was forced to leave midway when he started vomiting persistently. A stressful bunch of visits to several doctors and hospitals later, Susheakaran was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease.

“Maybe someone in our family had it and we never really knew. His body just accumulates copper. It starts in the liver and then deposits in all the organs. His liver is failing now. Medicines can only buy him time to get a liver transplant.” - Anbarasu (father)

‘Please Amma, I just want one more sip of water’

Over the past two years, Susheakaran has been in and out of the hospital for treatment. His condition has not improved. He has a painfully bloated belly. He has lost his appetite. He cannot even urinate because of copper deposition in his kidneys. 

We cannot give him more than 1 litre of fluid a day, be it water or juice. He cannot urinate that much without excruciating pain. He begs us for just one sip more, and we need all the strength to say no,” adds mother Vaijayanthi.

‘Although we keep thinking what if he doesn't live, he is sure he will'

Susheakaran knows about his condition, and he assures his parents that he will survive. While his parents are slowly losing hope owing to their financial condition, Susheakaran is positive that he will one day be a famous sportsman. His mother is willing to donate her liver. Tests show that she is a match. However, they are unable to mobilize the funds needed for the transplant.

“We have already asked for help from all quarters, but nothing has arrived till now”

Anbarasu works as a customer care executive in a Chennai taxi service. He makes about Rs. 9000/month to care for a family of four including his younger son Omkarnath. He would save Rs. 2000/month for Susheakaran’s coaching. He had to dip into these savings for the treatment over the past two years. With the liver transplant costing Rs. 26 Lakhs, he is asking everyone for help.

Susheakaran with his brother, when he was happy and healthy

We cannot even afford the pre-op evaluation cost, leave alone so many lakhs for the transplant. I cannot let my son down. This is the only way I have a chance of saving him.” - Anbarasu
Susheakaran can be the next MS Dhoni, only if he gets help in time.

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