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Despite Selling His Shop, This Young Man With Failing Kidneys Can't Afford Life-Saving Transplant

For the past 3 years, Shamshur has only known pain because of his failing kidneys. He’s been surviving on 6-hour-long and painful dialyses. But now his condition is worsening. He gets nose bleeds frequently and he is losing his strength with each passing day. He always strived hard to provide his family with a decent life but now his life is at risk. His kidneys are damaged and he needs kidney transplant.

Shamshur sold his tiny mechanic shop just to meet his treatment expenses for all these years. Now having nothing left, his father Ibrahim is struggling to afford the life-saving kidney transplant for Shamshur.

Shamshur discontinued his studies just to provide his family a better life

Shamshur lives in his village Singarayakonda, Andhra Pradesh. Looking at his father struggling hard to look after his family, he decided to discontinue his studies and help him. Shamshur even bought his own mechanic shop with his hard-earned money in 2016. But a few months later, he started having body pains and weakness. When consulted the doctor, he was told that he had a very low blood count. He was given blood transfusions. An hour later, he started vomiting blood and started having violent seizures.

He was growing weaker and we didn’t know why. It was only when we took him to Chennai, we were told that his kidneys are failing.” - Ibrahim, father

Surviving on dialysis support all this while, now he needs a kidney transplant

“The doctors gave us tragic news that his kidneys had reached a point of deterioration where they have stopped functioning completely. They told us that dialysis would not work anymore. We always knew a kidney transplant was the only option. I'm even ready to donate my kidney to keep him alive. But we couldn’t afford it back then and we can’t afford it now.” - Ibrahim, father

Despite selling everything they had, Ibrahim is struggling to meet his treatment expenses

Ibrahim earns a meagre income of Rs 200 per day as a daily wage labourer. They sold everything they had just to meet the treatment expenses. All his friends have come together and supported him by arranging Rs 1 lakh which was entirely spent for his treatment. Now, having spent Rs 5 lakhs just for his treatment by selling everything they had, the family is struggling to afford the life-saving transplant.

“With the help of Arogyasri scheme, we could afford the dialysis for Shamshur. But it was the other treatment and scans that costed us more. We have been getting help from everyone we know, but even that isn’t enough. He needs the transplant soon and it’s impossible for me to arrange Rs 10 lakhs in such a short period of time.” - Ibrahim, father

They have nothing left and now they need your help

Shamshur has a chance to end his suffering that he's been going through for the past 3 years - a kidney transplant. But his father is in no position to afford the life-saving transplant. He can only afford it with your kind contribution.

Shamshur needs your help to undergo kidney transplant

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