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9-Month-Old Baby Needs Urgent Liver Transplant But His Father Has Nothing Left To Afford It

“Since I have become a father, I have always wondered how parents cope with the situation when their babies have a fever or even the common sniffles. The only thing that was on my mind when I held  Rahman for the first time was to keep him healthy. Now when I am running from pillar to post in search of help for my son, I constantly fear that I will lose him if I can’t afford the urgent liver transplant.” - Rasheed, father of Abdul Rahman. 

An old photo of Rasheed with his newborn

Baby Rahman has already undergone a surgery but he is not getting any better

Rasheed and Reshma’s 9-month-old baby boy has been diagnosed with biliary atresia. It is a rare disease of the bile ducts where they become inflamed and blocked soon after birth. This causes bile (a digestive liquid) to remain in the liver, where it starts destroying the liver cells and eventually causes scarring of the liver. When Rahman was about two months, he had to undergo KASAI procedure that was supposed to better his condition. This surgical procedure bypasses the blockages in the bile duct and prevents liver damage.
“But the surgery didn’t seem to work and his condition was worsening with every passing day. We were scared and couldn’t understand what we could do to cure him. We took him to expert doctors who told us that our only hope now is a liver transplant.”

With no savings of his own, Rasheed is struggling very hard to afford the transplant that can save his son’s life

“Rahman has been so sick that I had no other option but to take leave from work and look after him. I see my little baby with a swollen stomach and my eyes fill with tears. His painful cries ring in my ears all day long. He is so weak and malnourished that he is unable to crawl like other kids his age. I want to see him get better but without the transplant, that is not possible.”

Rasheed has already used up all his savings and has spent about Rs 2 lakhs on his son’s treatment. His wife is willing to be the donor but the cost of the surgery is a major roadblock for the family.

Your help can give little Rahman a second chance at life

Baby Rahman needs an urgent liver transplant - that is his only chance at a healthy life. But his family is unable to afford it. They are looking up to you to help bring their baby back home. A little contribution from your side will save Rahman’s life.

Your kind support can help Rahman get better

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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