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Share Auto Driver's Daughter Has Only Few Hours For Liver Transplant - Her Last Chance of Survival

"There are only a few hours left for my daughter's transplant and if she doesn't get the transplant I'll lose her forever. She is begging me to give her water but all I can do is to wet her tongue with a few drops. We are slowly losing her but there's nothing that we can do. We have lost 4 days already and with few hours left I don't know who can help us with 26 lakhs for the transplant."  - Rashid, Father.

It took a month to diagnose her liver disease and they were given only 5 days for the transplant

Shahin is only in 5th grade and already has a separate table for herself at home to keep all her certificates and medals. Since kindergarten, she has always been the first rank holder and has even won prizes for Maths Olympiad exams.  Her favorite hobby is to read 'Suppandi  stories' from 'Tinkle Digest' with her little sister, and they would laugh so much afterwards. It is their laughter and happiness that brightened up  their parents Rashid and Abitha's  lives. When Shahin complained of stomach pain a month ago, they did not imagine it to be anything serious. Her mother gave her a spoon of 'Vendayam' (fenugreek) and she seemed to be better in an hour. The next day, she again complained of stomach pain and refused to eat. Her eyes became yellowish. She was diagnosed with jaundice and was admitted to hospital. She recovered in 10 days and came home. She was tired all the time and did not get up from bed. Last week, she suddenly collapsed on the floor, unable to bear her stomach pain. Her parents rushed her to a bigger hospital and they heard the most unimaginable - she has acute liver failure and she needs transplant within 5 days.

" I did not know that my daughter was this serious. If I did, I could have done all that is possible before it came to this. Within a week our lives have turned upside down. She is now on ventilator support. She has not had anything and all she asks is for water but doctors have strictly told us not to give her water. We don't have strength to see her suffering." - Abitha.

"Amma, will you throw away my prizes and toys, if I die?"

Shahin's best friend is her sister Shiri Nisha. They both enjoy each other's company and they share all their little secrets. It was only yesterday her parents brought Shiri to hospital to see her sister. Shiri, who is too small to understand the situation, was terrified seeing her sister's condition. She has overheard her parents conversation and in a desperate attempt to comfort her sister she told her "Akka, don't worry, Amma will give you a part of her liver and you can come back home." Since then Shahin has been crying and she thinks she will die soon. She had so many questions to ask her mother despite extreme tiredness, although her first concern was her  precious certificates and toys.

Shahin with her sister

"We broke into tears when she asked this. We told her we'll take her home soon and she can play with her sister and go to school as usual. Her condition became worse after that, she can hardy talk now. I cannot imagine our home and life without her." - Abitha.

‘Only when I go for work, we can have 3 meals a day, now it has been a week since I went for work and all I have left is a few coins’

Rashid is a share auto driver and he earns around Rs 500 per day and on weekends he earns a little extra. With this meager money, he manged to take care of his family. They lived a hand to mouth life and did not have any savings. When the doctors told that the transplant would cost 29 lakh 50 thousand, they felt completely lost.

"In these 5 days, I asked all my friends and called even my distant relatives and all I got is only 2 lakhs. It is nowhere closer to the money we needed. Now we have come to the last few hours and I don't know what I can do. Please help me to save my daughter, my family will forever will be grateful to you." -  Rashid.

You can make the transplant happen and save her life with your contribution

10-year-old Shahin has few hours left for the transplant and her poor parents have nothing left with them. This poor girl fears death and is in excruciating pain. Her parents are desperately waiting for a help. Her mother Abitha is a matching donor but they cannot afford the transplant. This is her last chance of survival and all she needs now is your help.

Your contribution can save 10-year Shahin Nisha to get a liver transplant and escape death

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