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Desperate Mother Whose Timely Actions Have Saved Her Son’s Life Till Now Is Struggling To Afford His Transplant

“There are days when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. But when I see my son's face, I know I cannot give up. For the last one year, I have been struggling alone to ensure my 1-year-old son is saved. Whenever his skin turns pale, I need to rush him to the hospital. Sometimes, I feel very scared when I see my son cry continuously for hours. I wish my husband was near us but he is in a different city, trying to make whatever he could to pay for our son's treatment.

Raziya made every effort for Shahid’s health ever since he started showing signs of illness

After a year of their marriage, Raziya and her husband, Mustafa were blessed with a baby boy Shahid. Their happiness knew no bounds ever since Shahid became a part of their life. 4 months after, Shahid started having fever and cold. Worried, his parents rushed him to the hospital. After undergoing several tests, he was diagnosed with thalassemia major, a blood disease that results in excessive destruction of red blood cells which leads to severe anaemia.

“Shahid is one of the best gifts that I am blessed with. Ever since he started having severe cold and fever, I became more cautious about his health. I carefully selected every ingredient and cooked every meal and put every effort to bring some improvement in his health. But he was not making any progress. When I was told that Shahid is suffering with such a fatal disease, I didn't know why this happened.” - Raziya, mother

Raziya struggles alone in the city, while her husband is miles away trying to support the family

Raziya's in-laws have abandoned her and her husband, Mustafa, blaming them for Shahid's fatal condition. She is all alone taking care of Shahid, while Mustafa is working hard for his son’s treatment in a different city, miles away. Mustafa works in a contract basis job as a typist and earns a meager income of Rs 7000 per month. He has no fixed income and it has been really difficult for him to look after his son's treatment expenses.

To save his son from this deadly disease, he took a loan of 1.5 lakh which is to be paid with high interest. Mustafa is in neck deep debts and is on the verge of exhausting his savings. It’s been really difficult for him to go to work when his son is struggling in pain.

“ I feel guilty for not being with my son when he is going through such terrible pain. I couldn’t think of anything but to save my son. I have no one to help and even my parents have abandoned me when I’m in dire need of help.” - Mustafa, father

Frequent Blood Transfusions Without A Permanent Solution Will Lead Organ Failures In This Little Child As He Grows Up

Shahid needs to undergo blood transfusions every 15 - 20 days, otherwise, his life will be at risk. But he cannot survive on transfusions for long as it increases the iron deposits in the body which could damage his vital organs. The only curative and permanent solution is a bone marrow transplant can help Shahid recover from this fatal disease. The transplant will cost 34 lakhs and it's impossible for Shahid's parents to arrange such a huge amount.

“It’s been so long that I have heard his laugh. The only way I can make him stop crying is by playing his favourite rhyme. He just sits there and stares, listening carefully to the song. This is the only way he calms down during the blood transfusions” - Raziya, mother.

How you can help

Raziya has been struggling for the last one year to save her son. As a mother, she cannot watch helplessly when her son cries in pain. She knows he will not make it without the transplant but this poor mother needs our help to save him.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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