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Help This 6-month-old With Brain Fever Who Cannot Even Breathe Without Ventilator

There is a tube attached to his throat. There is another tube going through his nose. They have put an IV line in his hand. His body is covered in wires. Food, air, medicines are all being pumped into him. I feel like he is barely alive.” – Lakshmi, mother
6-month-old Samarth suddenly had a high temperature, seized and lost consciousness. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with an infection that has affected his brain. His parents may get him discharged against medical advice as they are unable to afford the rest of his treatment.

Every day he survives is a miracle

Samarth has meningoencephalitis. The infection has caused inflammation in the tissues around his brain. His face is now unrecognizable because of the swelling. He cannot even breathe without the ventilator. If he does not get 3 more weeks of treatment, he could succumb to the infection.

“Everything was fine that morning. He was playing with toys and trying to learn how to stand up. He had a slight cold. I never thought it would get this worse by evening. I was holding his hand when he was struggling to breathe, and suddenly his hand went limp.” - Lakshmi

The treatment is working, but Samarth needs time

In the beginning, Samarth was nonresponsive. Now, he opens his eyes when his mother calls for him. The medication is working, and he is slowly healing. However, this treatment takes time to take full effect.

“He is scared. I can tell. He tries to cry but he cannot without feeling pain. It is painful to see him this way and even more terrifying to think what would happen if we don’t get help.” – Kaushal, father

'We might have to take him home'

The antibiotics and ICU care have costed Kaushal more than his savings of Rs. 20,000. He began taking loans and is now knee deep in debt. Samarth needs to be in the ICU for a few more weeks to survive and his parents need your help to keep him there.

“Nobody else can lend us money. I might have to get him discharged because we cannot afford to keep him in the ICU anymore. Samarth cannot even breathe by himself. These 3 weeks will decide if my son lives or dies.” - Kaushal
Samarth is terrified of the ICU. He is unable to even express his pain. Your support can save him from more suffering.

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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