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The Farmer Parents Of This Baby Are Counting Minutes Outside The OT Hoping That His Heart Doesn't Stop

“Just 5 days ago, doctor told me that my baby is critical and he needed surgery. We are standing outside the OT hoping my baby doesn’t die. Even if he survives the surgery, he will be critical and will need life support. Every passing moment is scarier and I hope they save him.”

Shankhar is the 1-month-old baby of Lavanya and Lakshmaiah. His illness showed as just slight breathlessness. But just 5 days ago, his breathing became very laboured. They brought baby Shankhar to Hyderabad where they were told that he would not make it without a surgery.

“My 2-year-old daughter, Pranitha was so excited when we told her she would get a sibling to play with. This is the reason we wanted two children. Both Lavanya and I work in the farms the entire day. Our children will have each other. I am not sure if my daughter will see her brother again. He has to survive.”

Shankhar, has a severe congenital heart condition called double aortic arch, which is a severe abnormality in the heart. This extra growth presses on the windpipe making it hard to breathe. Without the ongoing urgent surgery, the baby who hasn't even opened his eyes properly will not be able to see the world ever again.

The family is shattered and nobody knows if they will ever get over this situation

Lakshmaiah had no money to come to Hyderabad for his baby’s treatment. But he knew that delay by even a day could be fatal. He borrowed from all his relatives to make this life-saving trip from his village. Lavanya is shattered. Her baby is struggling for his life even before saying his first words.

The family cultivates rice in their hometown in Telangana. Lavanya and Lakshmaiah work in the fields all day. They barely earn anything apart from food for sustenance. It is very difficult for them to earn anything.

“We had to leave our daughter home with our relatives. She hasn’t learned to speak properly yet, but she asks about how her brother every day. She has no idea why we have left her alone. I don’t know whose fault this is. We thought our little baby was healthy until this struggle between life and death.”

Even though he is in the ICU, Shankhar’s life can still be in danger

It’s been a few hours that Shankhar has been taken inside the operation theatre. Lavanya hasn’t stopped crying. The family has been standing outside helpless praying for the life of their child. Even if he comes out alive, he has to stay in the ICU for a  considerable period of time so he is out of danger.

The family is away from their home and both of them haven’t been able to go on the farms for quite a few days. Their crops might get affected and they will suffer a lose beyond recovery. To them, saving the life of their little baby is far more important at this point.

The family has already spent over a lakh rupees now. Lakshmaiah is in neck-deep debt and he doesn’t know if he will ever be able to repay it back. He is just waiting for his baby to become fine so that he can take him back home and reunite with his daughter.

How can you help?

The poor farmer family has already exhausted everything that they received help. Shankhar is struggling for his life in the operation room and needs a huge amount of Rs 4 lakhs rupees to live.

Your support can save him.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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