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This Young Father With Cancer Has Just One Wish Left- To See His Son Grow Up

35-year-old Ronald has only one wish- to see his son grow up. He is scared his cancer won't let him be there. This young family is trying hard to keep Ronald alive. But somewhere they realised they are running out of money and help. This has put Ronald at risk. He needs to continue treatment to survive.

Ronald is the sole bread winner in his family. He has been married to Sheni for more than 3 years and has a two-year-old son- Russell. Ronald is also the eldest among the siblings. He supported the family through farming along with his father. Ronald’s father passed away after a sudden heart attack two years ago. Since then, Ronald has been handling all the responsibilities in his family. 
Ronald and his brother turned independent gym trainers in Bangalore and also manages to farm. They are not associated with any particular gym but rely on visits as per their client’s requirements.

As a fitness trainer, he could feel something was wrong with his body

At the end of last year, Ronald noticed that he was losing weight and had no appetite. As a fitness trainer, he knew that something was wrong. On visiting the doctor, Ronald was told that he had a gastric problem. He was prescribed medicines for his illness.
After months of illness and doctor visits, he was diagnosed with a tumour in his liver. Ronald visited multiple hospitals. 90% of his liver was affected, and only 10% was unaffected. This was a high-risk case, and many doctors refused to treat him. They suggested he visit other hospitals.

He can never be a trainer again

Finally, the family visited Shankara Hospitals, where the doctors agreed to treat him. Ronald has undergone three cycles of chemotherapy so far. This is when the side effects of chemotherapy happen- the severe vomiting, the sickness, and nausea. But he went through it with the hope that it will improve his condition. A few days later, Doctors did an MRI scan and found out that a tumour had come back in the right lobe.

Ronald is currently recovering at home. He has not been able to resume his job as a gym trainer. Doctors have told him that he can never be a trainer again. Even after he recovers, he can only have a desk job. Something that does not put pressure on his liver.
Ronald wants to live for his family- especially his son. However, the family has exhausted all options for his treatment. The estimated cost of treatment is Rs 12 lakhs.

Ronald wants to spend every second with his son

Little Russell is 2 years old and Ronald wants to spend all the possible time he has with him. The family does not want to send him to school this year. Ronald is weak from the chemotherapy and medicines, but he takes the time out to play with his son.

“He gets tired easily. But he still insists on playing with Russell. He wants to enjoy every possible minute with him.”

How you can help

Ronald needs more chemotherapy sessions to recover since the tumour has come back. Doctors have been amazed at his progress so far, and are optimistic about his recovery. With our support, Ronald can live to see his son grow up.

Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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