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3-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Begs To Go Home, Her Parents Struggle Without Money For Treatment

“She is so full of life. How could God give this terrible disease to such a small child? We console each other and keep repeating that we will somehow save her.” – Pramila, Rohini's mother.

Rohini is a 3-year-old with blood cancer. She has spent the last three weeks in hospitals, fighting off fevers and pain. She is scared of doctors and the endless blood tests. Her father Veerabhadra is a helper in a supermarket and is in no position to save his little girl from cancer.

It has only been a week since Rohini's cancer was diagnosed

This year, Rohini was to start going to the local Anganwadi – where she could get used to being away from home for school. In a cruel twist of fate, she spent her third birthday in a hospital, crying to go home. Her parents Veerabhadra and Pramila have still not had the time to accept that their child has cancer.

“It started two months back, she kept having high fever. Last month, we even admitted her to the hospital. Two whole months, she was this sick and we did not know. No one in our family had something like this. It is very difficult for us to understand why this happened to our baby.” – Pramila says.

Rohini's treatment has started but her parents are powerless to save her

Though Rohini's parents promise her she can go home soon, truth is that her ordeal hasn't even begun. Rohini will start chemotherapy once doctors decide what medicines suit her. Unfortunately, her cancer treatment also depends on whether her parents are able to arrange for the necessary funds in time.  

“I work in the groceries section and measure and pack rice and lentils for a living. I could not study after school and this is all I am capable of. Just keeping her in the hospital for this long has been so hard. We need so much more to complete her treatment. When I look at my crying baby and wife, I don't know what to tell them.” – Veerabhadra

Cancer has taken away Rohini's childhood

“Even though she is the youngest at home, she talks and acts like an old person. She calls her father's phone if he is even half an hour late. She presses her grandmother's feet with her small hands when they hurt. When I am tired, she asks me to not work so hard. Now she begs me to take her home and we have to keep telling her to hold on and get better.” –

How you can help

Getting treatment is the only way this child will survive the terrible card fate has dealt her. Her parents simply don't have the means to ensure that their child has a fighting chance. Veerabhadra and Pramila need Rs 7 lakh for treatment and they have no way of arranging for those funds.

Your contribution will save their little girl. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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