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2-Year-Old Met With A Tragic Accident On Her Way To The Nursery, Needs Urgent Treatment To Survive

"It was very unusual of my daughter to refuse to go to nursery, but that day  she wanted to stay at home because her grandparents had come to visit her. She wanted to play with them. Her grandfather said he would drop her to school and in the evening he'll take her to a park. She agreed to go and was all excited. The last words I heard was "Thatha (grandpa) I will show my classroom to you, you can talk to my friends and my teachers."They both left happily from home. Exactly 20 minutes later, my wife got a call saying "your kid met with an accident and we have admitted her to hospital." What happened after that felt like the worst nightmare." - Jeyaprakash, Father.

The tragic accident has left the whole family shattered

On that unfortunate day, when Nehasri and her grandfather were on the way to the nursery, a lorry that came speeding, hit their 2 wheeler and the lorry wheels ran over the grandfather who died on the spot. Nehasri was thrown off a few meters away from the road and she survived severe injuries. She was unconscious and a passerby called an ambulance and admitted her to hospital. Nehasri's ID card had the contact number of her parents and he called them immediately.

"We were trembling, we don't know how we reached the hospital. My wife fainted looking at my daughter's condition. We were asked to take her to another hospital. And when my wife gained her consciousness, she got another terrible news - her father's death. She began to shout and was getting hysterical. I stood numb, no one could comfort her."

Nehasri can recover with 2 more weeks of hospital stay

The tragic accident has resulted in severe traumatic brain injury and she was comatose. She has fractures in her skull. She is still on ventilator support and after 1 week of high dosage medicines and treatment to stop the brain from swelling, she has slow movements in her hands and legs now. Yet, she has a long way to go and needs physiotherapy to help her walk again.

"She is an extremely friendly child, she has made friends with everyone in the neighborhood.She loves to play outdoors and we had to keep the doors closed to stop her running out in the odd hours. She wouldn't stop giggling and playing around. Not a day has passed without listening to her rhymes. Now she is lying unconsciously, and needles are poked everywhere in her little body. I can't bear to see her in this condition."

You Can Save Nehasri's Life

2-year-old Nehasri is in ICU after a tragic accident. The poor kid lost her grandfather in the accident and she is battling for her life now. It has been too overwhelming for her parents and they have left no stone unturned to save their only child. Her father is a school teacher and he managed to run his family with his meagre income. He has borrowed heavily from his friends but it is not enough. He needs 5 lakhs for the treatment which is beyond his means. They are desperately waiting for your help.

Your contribution can help 2-year-old Nehasri recover from the tragic accident

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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