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6-month-old Monasree is Battling Heart Disease Since Birth, Only A Surgery Can Save Her Life

 Like any other parents, Tamil Selvi and Yuvaraj wished to raise a happy healthy child. Unfortunately, their 6-month-old Monasree has been back and forth to the hospital ever since she was born. She was diagnosed with a heart disease while her mother Selvi was still 7 months pregnant. Since that day, the parents have been spending sleepless nights and trying all that is possible to save her.

Monasree has a hole in her heart

Selvi and Yuvaraj were thrilled when Selvi was pregnant for the second time. They were glad that their family would be complete when their 2-year-old daughter Yazhini would have a sibling. Their dreams turned into nightmares when they learnt about the baby's heart disease.

Each day after that was full of worry. They were relieved when the baby was born alive with no visible symptoms. Doctors even told them that the operation could be done when she grew up. They were hopeful that medicines would cure her and her heart would heal on its own.

Mona is in ventilation support and needs surgery at the earliest

Selvi lavished care on her baby. When she was beginning to hope that Monasree was out of danger, she was suddenly gasping for breath leaving everyone in despair. She had to be admitted to the hospital multiple times for breathing trouble, severe cold and congestion. Every time, she needs to be admitted in the ICU with ventilator support for at least a week.

"Her health is unpredictable. Just when we start to think she is recovering, she suddenly falls sick. She'll get better slowly. It is so painful to see her suffering. I don't know what I can do to help her. I only watch her helplessly. She is holding on to me, she trusts me that I'll take her back home." - Selvi.

6-month-old Mona weighs only 3.2kg

Monasree's health is deteriorating every day. Her surgery cannot be delayed any further. Medicines are not helping her. She has to weigh at least 10-12 kg for the surgery but she is extremely underweight, weighing only 3.2kg. She is fed via tubes and taking medication to help her gain weight.

Selvi and Yuvaraj are from a village in Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu. They have left their daughter Yazhini in a relative's place and have come to Chennai for treatment. Mona is on ventilation support and her life depends on the surgery which can be done only if she gains weight.

Father is struggling to save his baby

Yuvaraj works in a small private company and is the sole breadwinner of his family. With his meager income, he has to support his family of 4. Monasree's medical expenses are mounting every day. He doesn't know whom to turn to for help and has very little time on his hands. However, he is determined to save his daughter at any cost.

"She has been suffering since her birth but I have not been able to do anything. I feel guilty. I have no strength to see her. We love her so much. I can't imagine losing her. I know I have very little time in hand but I hope fate is not so cruel that it takes her away from me." - Yuvaraj

Parents are desperately waiting to take her back home

Doctors are trying their best to improve Mona's nutrition. Her parents are desperately waiting every moment to see her recovering. They have no other choice but to wait for a miracle to happen!

Parents cannot afford the surgery

How you can help

Only a surgery can help Monasree to survive. She needs to continue treatment to gain weight. Her parents have exhausted all their sources and are now relying completely on strangers to support them. They need Rs 4 lakhs more to continue treatment.

Your support can help Monasree to survive.

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