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Even Before She Turns One, Daily Wage-Worker's 7-month-old Baby Will Die Without A Bone-Marrow Transplant

“I cannot explain the pain of losing a child because I couldn't help her in time. This time, I will not let my baby go away from us. I don't know what I can do to save my baby but I'm determined to save her at any cost. .” – Mukhtar, Misba's father.

Baby Misba's body does not produce blood cells that fight infections. She falls sick with different infections. It is only a matter of time before even a slightly virulent strain of pathogen will take her life. Her parents have lost one child to the same disease 4 years back. Despite family opposition to the expense, they are determined to save Misba.

These parents know what it means to have their infant die in their arms

Misba has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. It is a condition where her body is unable to defend itself against even regular infections. She needs a bone-marrow transplant so her immunity can be kickstarted. Her older brother Fardeen is healthy and can donate his stem cells to save his sister. Since they learnt that Misba can be saved – her parents see this as their redemption for losing their older child.

“It is God's grace that Fardeen is healthy. But our other children are unlucky. We had a beautiful baby girl five years back. She used to be sick all the time too. She died at 15 months. For a long time, I kept thinking about how I could have saved her, taken her to a better doctor, not been poor. After birth, Misba started falling sick the same way and I took her to a good doctor right at the start.” – Mukhtar.

Misba's parents are going against their family to save her

“When she started falling sick we got very scared. Worried, I went to some older members of the family and they said we should just let her go. I took some time to convince them that if we lost another baby – we would be the truly unfortunate ones. She can be saved – we have hope now.” – Mukhtar.

Mukhtar and Farzana worked very hard to get their family's support. They even have a good stem-cell match in their older son. They only don't have any way of arranging Rs 15 lakhs to arrange a transplant that will save their child.  

Misba's parents watch her grow with a dread in their heart

“She always has a cough and she is a bit weak. But she recognises us and smiles. She especially loves being carried by her brother. We know all this can be snatched away from us suddenly. But if we get her a transplant and make sure she does not get infections for a year, she will live.” – says Farzana, Misba's mother.

How you can help

Mukhtar is a daily-wage worker who will take on any job to earn money for a day. He does hard manual labor daily to earn anything between Rs 4,000-8,000. Their extended family has helped them as much as they could. They now have nothing for the operation that can save their baby.

Your contribution will save Misba.

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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