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This 6-Year-Old With Failing Kidneys Needs To Stay In The ICU To Survive

For the past 7 days, Sudhakar and Madhavi have been spending most of their time in the waiting hall while their younger son Avinash is battling for life in the ICU. Whenever they visit him in the ICU, they can see tears gushing from his eyes, wanting to say that he’s in pain, but unable to, because his mouth is covered by the oxygen mask that keeps him from going breathless. Madhavi tries to comfort his wailing son saying, ‘You will get better, nanna. I will take you home soon.’ But deep down in her heart she fears that she might lose her son to this dreadful disease.

Avinash has a good chance of recovery and all his pain can come to an end if the treatment is continued. Unfortunately, his parents cannot afford it. 

Avinash has never known a life without illness

Little Avinash is a happy child with an innocent smile on his face. He is very calm and introvert who loves to spend most of his time at his home in Hyderabad. But this little one has been through a lot of pain for his age. Avinash was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when he was just one year old. It is a condition where the kidneys does not function as it should, causing excess protein loss through urine and excess accumulation of water in the body. Every time Avinash’s body swells up because of excess water accumulation, his parents would immediately take him to the hospital.

 ‘My son needs to be taken to the hospital once in every three months to keep his condition from worsening. He would be admitted in the hospital for a day or two and then he would get back to normal. But this time, it’s even more dreadful than I ever thought.’ - Madhavi, mother

Avinash during his healthy days

He will lose his life if he doesn’t get continued treatment

With timely medication and regular check-ups, Avinash's condition was kept in control. But now even the medicines are not helping him. Avinash was diagnosed with jaundice followed by fever a few days back. He was given medicines but his condition only kept worsening. He started having violent seizures and lost his consciousness all of a sudden. Not knowing what was happening to him, his parents took him to the hospital immediately.

Avinash was immediately admitted in the intensive care. He’s currently under dialysis support as his kidneys have stopped working and he needs constant breathing support as he’s unable to breathe on his own. "Doctors said that my son is recovering slowly. He needs to stay in intensive care for seven more days to get better. We don’t have any means to continue the treatment. Please help us." says Madhavi with tears.

“We’ve spent beyond our means, but even that wasn’t enough.”

Sudhakar runs a barber shop, earning a decent income, well enough to look after his family of four including his elder son Jashwant (9). But for the past few days, Sudhakar has been running around the city to seek help. He even sold his wife’s jewellery and borrowed money at high interest. With great difficulty, he arranged for 3 lakhs with which he started the treatment for his son. But now he doesn’t have any money left with him. Poor parents are in desperate need of help to save their son.

Avinash needs your help

Avinash’s life is at risk as his kidneys have stopped functioning. He needs to stay in intensive care for seven more days to recover from this life-threatening condition. Madhavi and Sudhakar did everything they can to start his son’s treatment but they have exhausted all the funds they had. Avinash needs to continue his treatment to get better and his parents can only continue his treatment with your help.

Your contribution can give Avinash a new life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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