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This 10-month-old Was Rushed To The ICU With A Lung Infection That Can Take Her Life

“After months of watching our baby suffer, we finally breathed a sigh of relief when she underwent a liver transplant. We believed that the transplant would be the end of her problems and that we could leave the hospital soon. But we were wrong. Now, she’s in a critical condition in the ICU and I wonder if all our efforts to take a healthy baby back home would be in vain,”- Ravi Sherchan, father.

For 8 years, they prayed for a child, and miraculously had Manvi

Ravi, who was working as an IT professional decided to leave his job far from their home, and return to his wife when she announced her pregnancy. “We had been married for 8 years and had given up trying for a child when Manisha told me the good news. I was ecstatic and wanted to spend every minute of the journey with her,” he recalls. Manisha had a smooth pregnancy as her husband held her hand every step along the way. An angelic baby girl, little Manvi, was born to them and everything was going well until Manvi started suffering from jaundice when she was just 2 months old. From then, her health only started deteriorating.

“Nobody could accurately tell us what was going on in the beginning. Manvi’s body and eyes started becoming yellow. Her abdomen started bloating. She fed less and looked like she was not growing at all. A doctor in Kathmandu said it could be liver disease and advised us to take her to India,” – Ravi

A liver transplant was the only way Manvi could survive

In India, Ravi and Manisha learnt the sad truth that their baby girl’s liver was 100% damaged. Medicines couldn’t help her anymore. Doctors told the shocked parents very clearly that only a liver transplant could save her life now.

“I frantically called up my friends and family back home and begged them to help me. I hadn’t expected the medical expenses to cross a certain limit and since I had left my job already, I was not in the position to take a loan itself. But my baby’s life was so important to me – and thankfully, I was able to arrange money and she underwent the transplant successfully,”- Ravi

But Baby Manvi is not out of danger yet and these parents need your help to save her

When Manvi opened her eyes after the 12-hour long surgery, she seemed fine. She was slowly recovering when the unthinkable happened after just a few days: her whole body started shutting down due to severe lung infection. She had to be administered strong antibiotics and put on ventilator support, as her breathing had become completely compromised. She is not out of danger yet and doctors fear her body may respond negatively to the transplant, but her parents have completely run out of money and support.
“We have nobody in India. My wife and I struggled for so long here – without proper food and sleep, just for the sake of our baby girl. We have already used up our savings. My wife, who is a banker, might even have to give up her job because she has already exceeded her leave limit. We don’t have the means to keep her alive anymore,“-Ravi
Your kind contribution can ensure that this baby girl survives

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