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Father Of Five Daughters Is Struggling To Save His Youngest From A Dreadful Disease

I have dedicated my entire life to provide my daughters with a decent life. I feel blessed to have five daughters and always wanted them to be happy and content. It gives me great joy to take my youngest daughter to school and listen to every detail soon after she comes back. Now all I can do is take her to the school gate and let her watch other kids happily running into the school and then take her home. I do not have the courage to tell her that she is suffering from a dreadful disease that has stopped her from going to school. I feel helpless for I don’t even a rupee left to save her.” - Maruthi, father.

Manvi is the youngest daughter of Maruthi who just started going to school

Maruthi lives in Upri, Maharashtra with his five daughters and his wife Saraswathi. Manvi, his youngest daughter, is dearest to him. She is always excited about going to school. Every day after coming from school, she would open her books and recite alphabets and numbers that she learnt in school. She was like every other kid who loved playing with her friends. She used to put on the TV and dance to her favourite music happily.

Happy and cheerful Manvi before her condition started worsening

However, 6 months back she started having recurring fever and cold. She became so weak that she was unable to walk or even sit for a while. Worried, her parents took her to the doctor and they were told that Manvi has extremely low blood count. She was given platelets and yet there was no increase in her platelet count.

“She slowly stopped doing everything she loved to do. She gets tired very easily and constantly lies in her bed. I’ve given my extra care and attention to her since she started having a fever. But there was no improvement in her condition. I got scared when I saw her skin turning yellow and when she started having black spots on her boy.” - Saraswathi, mother.

Manvi is diagnosed with a severe blood disorder for which she needs painful blood transfusions every 20 days

Worried about Manvi’s parents took her to a multispeciality hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia, a condition that develops because of bone marrow damage due to which the body cannot produce enough new blood cells. Manvi needs to undergo blood transfusions every time she gets weak and her skin becomes pale. The blood transfusions are done to prevent her condition worsen and only a bone marrow transplant can help her recover from this fatal disease.

“Every time I take her to the hospital for blood transfusions, she gets scared looking at the doctors and she asks me to take her home. I try to comfort her saying that she will get better once it is done. She knows that there's something wrong with her. But the transfusions aren't enough for her anymore, and I don’t have the courage to tell my daughter that her parents have no money for her treatment.” - Maruthi, father.

Without any fixed income, Maruthi is struggling to provide his daughter with the life-saving transplant

Maruthi is a construction worker earning Rs 300 per day. With the little income, he earns he needs to look after his children’s education and their home needs.  He has spent the 1 Lakh rupees that he borrowed on Manvi's blood transfusions and treatment expenses.
Having no fixed income, Maruthi has no resources to provide his daughter with the surgery that can help her recover from this dreadful disease. 

“I have always wanted to provide all my daughters with the best. But now I feel helpless for I cannot even afford the surgery that can save her life. I have spent everything that I have earned on her transfusions and now I have nothing left.” - Maruthi, father.

How you can help

Maruthi struggled hard to provide his five daughters with a life of ease. But providing his youngest daughter with a surgery, with no fixed income, has become difficult for him. He feels blessed to have five daughters in his life and he cannot imagine losing any one of them. He needs your help to save his daughter.

Your contribution can help Maruthi save his little one

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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