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Dhobi’s 2 Children Are Suffering From Severe Liver Disease, He's Struggling To Save Them

Ever since his son Bharath (6) was diagnosed with a severe liver disease within days of his birth, Murugan and wife Kala have been dedicating their lives to keep him alive. They chose to buy his expensive medicines over spending money for their own basic personal needs, like getting new clothes or new house supplies. With every passing day, Bharath’s eyes and body became more yellow-tinged and the fear of losing him grew manifold in his poor parents’ hearts. When Kala was pregnant again, she only prayed for him or her to be healthy. But unfortunately, Baby Kantha Vel (2) was also diagnosed with the same liver disease his brother was suffering, and now with 2 sick children and no money to save them, Murugan is waiting desperately for help.

“They can only be saved with liver transplants costing Rs 18 lakhs each, but I don’t even have Rs 18 in my pocket right now,” says Murugan.  

‘Bharath has lost the ability to walk and is very critical, we don’t want Kantha to suffer like him‘

When Bharath, Murugan and Kala’s 2nd child was born, they remember telling each other how cute and healthy he looked. Now, they think they may have spoken too soon as within 5 days of his birth, he was diagnosed with severe jaundice and needed phototherapy for a few weeks. “Every time we would come back home from the hospital, he would get sick all over again – he would stop drinking milk properly and cry uncontrollably,” recalls Murugan, adding, “He had to live with the yellow eyes and yellow-tinged skin from that point; it never got better. He was surviving on medicines and tablets and even went to school for 3 months. But after that, he stopped walking completely. He began vomiting continuously and now spends most of his time in bed, weak and restless.”

Baby Kantha Vel has the same symptoms as his brother when the latter was his age, but he is having food properly and even acts like a normal kid. “Our biggest fear is that when Kantha becomes Bharath’s age, he would stop walking as well. We cannot let that happen. We need to get them the treatment they deserve, but where is the money?” asks an inconsolable Kala.  

These parents don’t have enough money for even the train ride to the hospital

Murugan irons clothes for a living in his hometown of Villupuram, earning Rs 200 a day. A train ride to Chennai for the children’s check-up costs Murugan Rs 400 – double of what he earns. As he can only afford unreserved tickets, his sick children have to stand for most of the 3-hour journey, unless kind strangers offer to give them a seat. Murugan is well aware that time is running out, but he is completely helpless. – “Bharath is eating lesser and lesser every day and medicines aren’t helping him. Little Kantha has not even started having medicines, as we can only afford medicines for one. We have also not been able to pay for the tests to determine whether my wife or I can be the donor,” Murugan laments.

How you can help

Bharath and Kantha Vel are brothers suffering from the same liver disease that will kill them both if they do not undergo liver transplants. Bharath is very critical and has lost the ability to walk and also his appetite. He is suffering silently, while Kantha, who is also suffering from persistent jaundice, has all chances of landing in the same condition, in a few years’ time.  

Your kind contribution can ensure that Murugan is able to save his 2 children from a tragic end

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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