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This Little Girl Needs Help As Her Internal Organs Get Attacked One By One

“We just had another child 6 months ago, after 4 years. We’ve been so happy because we always wanted two daughters. But my life just completely turned upside down last week. Iram, my older daughter, got Dengue fever.” – Waheebuddin, father

It had started as a normal fever

She was weak when she woke up in the morning that day. By evening she was burning up. I took her to a doctor as soon as I got home from work, because I always take good care of my shehzaadi (princess), she’s my world. The doctors gave her medicines for 2 days but it didn’t help, she got worse and worse. So I took her to another hospital. It was there I found out she had Dengue fever.
- Waheebuddin

Dengue has destroyed this 4-year-old’s insides…

Little Iram was hospitalized as soon as she was diagnosed with Dengue fever, and further tests were done. To her family’s shock and dismay, they found out that their daughter's internal organs were shutting down one by one. Her kidneys are in acute failure, her blood and blood vessels are injured. She is experiencing severe aches all over her body, and is dangerously weak whenever she isn’t unconscious. The doctors have put her on emergency ventilation, special dialysis, and constant medication. If it weren’t for them, little Iram may not have lived this long.

Her condition is completely curable but…

The doctors at this hospital have high confidence that they can treat Iram back to full health. They have treated children with similar conditions before, with very positive outcomes. But Iram needs to stay in the hospital for another 3-4 weeks for that, and her father just cannot afford the seven lakhs it would cost. Without the treatment, Iram may not have long left. 


Waheebuddin has been struggling for years to support his family

The devoted father works at an optical shop, where he earns just enough to support his family of now four. Until last week, he worked whenever he could, even on festivals, to earn even just a little bit extra. He loved buying small bangles and such whenever he could, for the three women in his life. But he has not worked in a week, staying with Iram 24x7 while his wife goes home every now and then to take care of their other daughter. Waheebuddin cannot even hope to come up with such a large sum on his own, in time to treat his daughter.


This devastated father now seeks your help.

“मुझसे अभी और कुछ नहीं हो पा रहा, सिर्फ आप ही मेरी शहज़ादी को बचा सकते हैं. खुदा आपको बहुत दुयाएँ देगा.”
“(I am unable to do anything else, only you can save my princess now. God will shower you with blessings.)”
- Waheebuddin, father

Little Iram, her family's princess, can be completely cured, if only this family had the money. Please donate however much you can and bring her home, by clicking here.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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