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3-Year-Old Suffering From Severe Burns After Accidentally Falling Into Boiling Water Needs Urgent Help

We don’t have the strength to see our little girl wriggling like her body is on fire. She cries all day and night in pain. We want to relieve my daughter of this suffering, but I do not have a rupee to spare.”-Mohammed Ghouse Pasha, father of 3-year-old.
Last week, little Huda was running to the washroom at bath-time, when her mother called out to her. She looked back but did not stop running. In a split second, she fell into a bucket filled with boiling hot water. Hearing her piercing wails, her mother was shocked to see her darling daughter’s scalded body and rushed her to the hospital.

“When the nurses remove Huda’s bandages and dress her burns, she shrieks ‘Mumma, Pappa, take me away from here…it hurts’.
Huda's father was away at the mosque for the special namaz prayers, couldn’t believe their bad luck. He had just resigned from my job in the hope of finding a better one when this horrible incident happened. Now, all these poor parents do is wait outside the ICU in the hope that their child will get better. 

Huda has 40% burns and has not stopped screaming in pain from the day she was admitted

Huda has burns on almost every part on the left side of her body, including hand, leg and thighs. Her backside is badly affected too. She has little energy, but her screams are heard even outside the ICU. She flinches when the nurse touches her, as she is still in a state of shock from the incident. Her parents cannot hold back their tears when they see Huda in so much distress.

“Guilt has taken over me now. I keep rewinding the incident in my head and wonder about what I could have done to prevent this. I burst into tears right in front of Huda sometimes, which intensifies her crying. This is the worst plight for a mother – to see her child suffer and do nothing about it except cry.”-Hajira Begum, mother.

Just two days back, this poor child ran a high fever that made her more critical

Huda was responding well to treatment, before she developed a high-grade fever suddenly. The doctors suspect that her burns may have become infected and started her on high-dose antibiotics. She was already weak when they brought her to the hospital, but now she has become worse.

“My sweet child loved running around the house, singing songs and making fun of her siblings. Look at her now – such a small child does not deserve pain of this magnitude. She hated hospitals and injections, but they are sustaining her life now. She has the urge to itch the burned areas, but her palms are covered by bandages thankfully. She is easily susceptible to infections also, which is making me worried. I want to hold her and tell her this will end soon, but I know that is not possible. I can only pray for her fast recovery.”-Ghouse Pasha, with tears in his eyes.

This child can go back to being normal with prolonged ICU care, but her father cannot afford it

Huda is fighting a huge battle, but it is not one that cannot be won. With proper medical management, including administration of antibiotics, nutritional rehabilitation and plastic surgery, she has high chances of recovery. But the only obstacle is money. Ghouse Pasha used to work as a delivery agent for an online portal and earned a modest income, but quit the job recently due to erratic work timings. Now, he is in a tight spot financially and has nobody to ask for help. He knows that his daughter’s life is on the line, and is scrambling for funds.

“I quit my job thinking that I would be able to spend more time with the kids. But as fate would have it, my daughter is in a critical state now. I need to save her at any cost, but no doors have opened as of now.”-Ghouse Pasha.

You can support these helpless parents in this terrible time

How you can help

Little Huda has suffered severe burns and needs at least 2 more weeks in the ICU to recover. She needs round-the-clock intensive care, but her father, who recently had to quit his job cannot afford her treatment. While she is screaming in unbearable pain, he is running out of time to save her. This child can come back to living a normal life, if you support her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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