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We Have To Look At Our Baby Through The Glass And We Are Afraid That She Won't Survive This

Youngest of the 3 children, Hanifa is the one we all open our eyes to. My wife, Sultana and I had thought to bring up our baby girl like a princess in spite of all odds. But now she is struggling in the ICU just to breathe.

I work in a welding shop with below average income. But my income doesn’t stop me from dreaming of a better future for my children. My two sons, Umar and Mueed who are 5 years and 3 years old respectively. Since her birth, my boys guard my little princess the way even I can’t.

Hanifa was born a healthy baby and was fine until 10 days ago. She started having a bad cold. We immediately took her to the doctors in Nellore. The medicines that the doctors gave her seemed to work and she was becoming better.

When a slight cough became life taking for my baby

But just when we thought that everything was becoming fine, suddenly my baby’s condition became worse and she could barely breathe. Sultana and I were scared beyond words. We absolutely had no clue how to handle all of these.

It was painful for all of us to see our little princess gasp for breath. At the back of my mind, I knew the worst is waiting for which I wasn’t prepared. The worst part is that I was not financially prepared to face what was coming.

Her sufferings seem to be never-ending

Since Thursday night, our little baby is not just in the hospital but in the ICU. In spite of so much care and protection, she has viral pneumonia. She was put on the ventilator support so that she can breathe. We had no other option but look at our baby from the glass view. 

Ventilators have been put off. But doctors have told us that she cannot be let out of the ICU. The need for ventilation might arise anytime soon and we can’t afford to risk our child’s life. We are not even allowed to touch her. It breaks our heart everytime we see our baby.

My baby can’t open her eyes properly because of the wires inserted into her body. She had such a happy face. Gloominess has taken over her forever happy face. I am scared that if things don’t go well, we might not be able to see this bright face again. We have taken extra care of our children every time.

We had come a long way to get Hanifa treated. We had to leave our boys back there with some relatives. We want our children to be educated. But we can’t afford their education expenses. We have started giving them a private education so that they are not deprived of their basic rights.

We are ready to take any pain to save our princess

Since past few days, we have already spent more than Rs 20,000. For an ordinary man like me, this is a huge amount to be spent in a week’s time. We have to stay in Chennai for her treatment.

We don’t even have the money to rent a room. Sultana and I are staying in the hospital waiting area. It is so difficult to stay this way. But we can’t leave our baby to die.

Sultana is having a tough time struggling with the situation. She mostly prefers to be in the house. She never thought that the 1st time that she goes out for a major number of days will be to take her little baby to the hospital. She doesn’t say anything. But she is dying within every day.

I never had too much money to sail through such difficult situation. For me, it’s a do or die situation now. I have already taken small amounts of loan from the few acquaintances that I had. My relatives also don’t have any money to help me in this situation. 

How can you help?

My little baby is struggling to breathe because she has viral pneumonia. I have exhausted all my money already and have no means left to save my baby. This is my last hope. The amount required to save my baby is Rs 2 Lacs which is impossible for me to arrange. I don’t know if I can forgive myself if I fail to save my baby.

Your support can safe baby Hanifa’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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