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3-Month-Old With Severe Lung Infection From Massive Hole In Heart Has Only 1 Week Left For Surgery

While most babies at his age begin to roll over and reach to grab toys, Baby Gowrahari is struggling to drink even a mouthful of milk because of severe breathing difficulty. His body is swollen all over and he cries all day and night from pain. When his mother, Indhumathi, rocks him gently, it doesn't comfort him anymore; instead his cries only get more intensified. Medicines are not helping this baby anymore – his fever and infections are only getting stronger with every passing day. A life-saving heart surgery is the only way this baby can survive for more than a few days, but his father, Palani, who has been unemployed for more than 2 months now, cannot afford it.

Gowrahari may only be a few months old, but he has spent more time in the hospital than at home

Palani and Indhumathi had prepared months in advance to welcome their first baby – they re-decorated their small house and even got a brand-new crib for his arrival. But their sweet baby boy could only spend a month at home with his loving parents before he got very sick, after which he had to be regularly admitted in hospital.

He stopped feeding properly one day as he was finding it difficult to breathe. You could really see the struggle on his face. His legs and arms also started turned blue. We were really worried, but thought that he must have caught a cold from bathing every day. I tried feeding him in different positions, but nothing seemed to work. He would cry of hunger, but not feed; it was difficult to watch him suffer like this.”-Indhumathi, mother.

These unassuming parents were taken aback when they learnt their baby’s heart was causing his suffering

Till the moment scan results came back, Indhumathi hoped that the reason for her baby’s distress would be something minor, easily treatable by medicines. After all, she had prayed regularly for a healthy baby when she was pregnant. But soon, Gowrahari was diagnosed with VSD – Ventricular Septal Defect, a hole in the lower wall of the heart separating heart’s lower chambers. This causes the oxygenated blood to flow back to the lungs instead of the body, putting more pressure on the heart and increased blood pressure within the lungs. Indhumathi couldn’t believe it at first and repeatedly told her husband that there may have been a mistake. Palani was heartbroken too, but he tried being strong for his wife. Doctors said that if the hole does not heal on its own, Gowrahari may need an open-heart surgery soon.  
“Soon after the doctor’s appointment, Gowrahari’s condition started worsening. He started making a very loud whirring sound while breathing. He stopped feeding completely – whenever he tried, milk would fill up in his lungs too. He spent a month in a government hospital in Salem because of severe pneumonia. He is severely underweight also – he weighs only a little over 2 kg.”-Palani, father.

Palani has only 1 week left to save his baby, but he has no money to get him admitted again

Palani used to work as a salesman in a private company, and earned a modest income before he had to quit to take care of his ailing baby. He has not been to work for almost 2 months now, and is struggling to keep up with expenses. The doctors have clearly told him that Gowrahari will not survive without an urgent heart surgery as his lung infection is not getting controlled by antibiotics anymore. But Palani is not able to arrange the required funds on time.

“I had been borrowing small amounts of money from friends all this while to pay hospital bills – but all that is exhausted now. I need a huge sum for my son’s surgery – something that my friends with modest backgrounds cannot help me with. Please support me.”-Palani

How you can help

Baby Gowrahari has a large hole in his heart that is causing severe lung infection – feeding and breathing has become very difficult for this baby. He cannot go on like this without an urgent surgery, but his presently-unemployed father cannot save him. Your support can ensure that this baby gets a second chance at life.

Please help this helpless father save his only baby    

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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