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My 1-year-old Fought Death Twice Already, This Time I Don't Know How I Will Save Her Heart

“Our first baby died before birth. After 3 terrible years, we were so happy to be blessed with Disha. The happiness turned into fear and sorrow soon because within 3 months of birth we found out that our daughter’s heart is failing.” – Raj, Disha’s father
1-year-old Disha’s failing heart is suffocating her so much that there have been days where she hasn’t been able to breathe without the help of a ventilator. A hole in the baby’s heart is worsening her condition every day and she won’t last long unless she undergoes a heart surgery very soon. Her treatment has been delayed for a year because her poor father just can’t seem to afford it.

Disha and Raj

Disha’s critical condition tears up her parents every day

“Along with her hands, her legs are turning very blue too. She finds it so hard to breathe because of which she just remains so silent most of the time. She doesn’t laugh, neither does she feel like playing much too. Every parent wants to see their baby happy and playing. She can’t talk but I know she’s suffering so much. It pains me to look at her like this. “ – Raj
In May 2017, when Disha was just a few months old, she was diagnosed with a dangerous hole in her heart which needed urgent attention. The 1-year-old has miraculously survived for an entire year but now, her condition is so critical that her heart is at high risk of failure.

Disha is a fighter who has survived multiple respiratory failures

 “This happened once after May 2017 but again, just 2 months ago, her breathing stopped and her body became so cold. I thought we had lost her. But again, she fought hard and survived. Those days in the ICU were just so frightening. It’s so hard for any parent to watch their child buried under pipes and needles.” – Raj
Apart from hanging on by a thread, the 1-year-old doesn’t breastfeed much and doesn’t feel like eating anything else. She is so weak that she hasn’t even been able to walk. She weighs just 6.8 kgs which is dangerously below the average of around 10.5 kgs. She hasn't grown at all in the past year.

Raj and Sonu lost their first baby before birth

Before she could see the world, she died due to brain damage inside the womb. After 8 years of marriage, in 2014, we were so happy to be expecting. I wish she was alive, she would be playing now. When my wife, Sonu, got to know about this, she was completely devastated. She couldn’t even speak for many days after that. Now, it feels like Disha won’t survive because we’re poor. It’s hard to even describe the horrific this is.” – Raj

Sonu, Disha, and Raj

The baby’s heart surgery should have happened a year ago

“We had no money and on top of that Disha was too weak to undergo surgery. Things just kept getting delayed and it’s already been a year. I don’t know how long she can keep going like this. I just can’t forget all the days I’d take her to the park. She’d always call out the cats, dogs and birds and look so happy.” – Raj
Despite taking 6-7 tablets every day, Disha can only survive if she undergoes a corrective heart surgery within the next few weeks.

How you can help

Raj is a daily wage laborer who works on construction sites for a meager sum of Rs. 300/day. Disha's heart will stop unless she gets an urgent surgery which costs around Rs. 3 lakhs. Raj has spent around Rs. 40,000 to keep Disha alive but now, he is in desperate need of your help.

“Disha takes 6-7 medicines a day, which are expensive. On top of it, I have to borrow Rs. 4000 to travel to the hospital in Delhi and back home in Jalandhar. It’s more than 300 kms away and so expensive. That’s how bad our situation is.”
Your support will save 1-year-old Disha and ensure Raj and Sonu’s second baby doesn’t pass away

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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