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Single Mother Who Is Struggling To Save Her 4-Year-Old With Severe Heart Disease Needs Urgent Help

"My daughter was lying on the floor fighting to breathe and the moment I took her in my arms she was foaming at the mouth. I immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital and they turned me away saying that her condition is too critical to save. I was devastated.  By the time I reached a bigger hospital, her breathing  became heavier. I was lost and was crying for help. They  immediately put her on ventilators and treated her. Doctors told that she needs a heart surgery. But I don’t know how to save my little one, I have nothing left to call my own except my children." - expressed Neelima with teary eyes, Dimpu’s mother.

The fatal disease is threatening to take away this little child from her mother 

Neelima is a single mother of two children. On one hand, she manages the house and on the other, she works as a part-time lecturer in a college. With her minimal earnings, she is struggling to give her children a better life. Dimpu being the youngest and naughtiest child has always been a darling to her mother and her brother.

“A year ago, my daughter fractured her right leg while playing. The doctor noticed that her toes were blue in color and asked me to immediately consult a cardiologist. I was worried so I immediately took her to a doctor, I was shocked when they told that she is suffering from a severe heart disease. They suggested me to wait until she turns 10 as her little body may not be ready for a major operation. But fate has turned against my daughter and now she is on the brink of death at the age 4.” - Neelima.

This 4-year-old is unable to breathe and her skin is turning blue with no proper flow of blood 

Dimpu is suffering from tetralogy of fallot with stenosis, a severe heart disease where a combination of four related heart defects occurs together due to which flow of blood from the heart to the lungs is gravely affected. This has also caused respiratory distress in this child. She urgently needs a surgery for reconstruction of the pulmonary artery to supply blood flow to the lungs without which she will not survive. After the treatment, she also needs to be admitted to the ICU for observation.

My daughter is unable to even gulp small bits of food. She stopped eating because a few seconds that take to chew and gulp the food is badly affecting her breathing. Very soon she goes out of breath and even if she widely opens her mouth to gasp air, the food in her mouth is blocking the way of air to the lungs. She has lost her weight drastically and my little one who was active and talkative is  now quite with weakness. Doctors told that she is running out of time and needs a surgery immediately. Every passing second is terrifying and it is painful to live with the fear of losing my daughter.” - Neelima.

This single mother is struggling to save her daughter from death

Neelima is struggling all alone without any support to save her daughter from certain death. With the part-time job, she only earns Rs 7000 a month. With her little income, she is educating her children and running the house. Now she is overburdened with the expenses of the treatment and she is unable to afford the surgery that can help her daughter survive.

"My children are the world to me. I am only living for them and I cannot imagine to survive without my lovely daughter. I have spent all my savings of the future on her tests and treatments. I have spent Rs 50,000 until now and need 6 lakhs for my child's surgery. I don’t have anything left to save her life. I have tried knocking on many doors but only returned hopeless. Now I am left with nothing but tears and prayers.” - Neelima.

How You Can Help

4-year-old Dimpu is suffering from a severe heart defect that gravely affected the blood flow from the heart to the lungs. It had also caused breathing difficulties. She urgently needs a major surgery which can help her survive. Dimpu is living on the brink of death and every passing day is only taking her closer to death. This single mother has exhausted all her saving and is now completely dependent on the crowdfunding to save the daughter.

Your kind contribution will help Dimpu survive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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