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This Teenager Will Never Walk Again Without Urgent Surgery, But His Parents Are Struggling To Afford It

Dhruv’s parents have often noticed their teenaged son disinterestedly turning the pages of his books and looking outside the window, wishing he could also join his friends who would be playing in the field. They try their best to cheer him up but Dhruv still remains caught up in the thoughts of the bygone times when he could run around and live a normal life. Now his left leg is twisted and he can’t walk without help. Even for simple tasks like that of going to the bathroom, he has to seek the help of his parents. While Dhruv sits alone at his study table wishing for his fast recovery, his parents, Suresh and Vimala, are worried if they will be able to afford the surgery their son needs immediately.

Once an active child, Dhruv’s condition doesn’t allow him to be a part of fun and frolic anymore

17-year-old Dhruv has been diagnosed with a condition called severe valgus deformity of the leg.  A valgus deformity is a condition in which the bone segment near the knee joint is angled outward. In other words, he has knock knees and is unable to walk. Dhruv has already been fighting against kidney problems for over a year and has been under medication. The deformity in his legs is posing an extra hindrance for the young boy. It has forced him to stay indoors and live the life of a recluse.

“When the doctors told us that his kidney problems have been put under control. My wife and I were relieved. We thought that he would be able to live a normal life free of restrictions. Just then this complication with his leg started showing up. It is heartbreaking for me to see my young boy suffer so much in pain. These days he hardly talks to us - he keeps to himself and his books,” - Suresh. 

Dhruv has always been a good student who misses going to school and learning new things every day

“My son is a good student. All his school teachers have always praised him for his hard work and efforts. I don’t know much of English but when I see Dhruv reading his books in English and making sense out of them, my heart swells with pride. He is in the 10th standard now and wants to score good marks in his board exams. His sickness doesn’t allow him to go to school every day but he hasn’t stopped studying. I take him on my bike to school whenever he has any exams. His determination brings tears to my tears - I pray to God every day that he gets well soon and returns back to his normal life.”

The parents are doing everything they possibly can to get Dhruv treated, but are still falling short of the money for his surgery

Suresh and Vimala both work in a private company where they earn Rs 6000-7000 each, every month. Both of them are struggling very hard the two ends meet and arrange for Dhruv’s surgery which is the only way he can get better. They have already taken loans from their friends and relatives for Dhruv’s treatment and now there is no one to whom they can turn to for some monetary assistance. The surgery is going to cost them another 1 lakh which they are in no condition to arrange without help. 

How you can help

17-year-old Dhruv is suffering from severe valgus deformity in his legs and has knock knees. He is unable to walk and if he doesn’t undergo the surgery in time, he will not be able to walk in his life. His parents are struggling very hard to arrange for the surgery and your generous contribution can bring back the smile on Dhruv’s face.

Your support can help Dhruv walk again

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