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Mother May Have To Give Up On Baby's Life Without Money For A Liver Transplant

She should be at the hospital now. She should be in surgery. But we are home, 3000km away from the hospital, because we cannot even afford to go to Hyderabad right now. Every day we are afraid we will wake up to silence, that she won’t be breathing. We now know it is out of our hands. Unless someone helps us, our baby will die.” – Pranadan

She's been yellow since birth but they never thought it would be something worse than jaundice 

Rajashree is 8 months old. She does not roll over, and she does not crawl. Her parents are afraid she may not even live long enough to learn how to walk. She is in pain all the time, and her tiny body cannot take it any longer. What they shook off as normal jaundice now has her liver damaged, waiting for a transplant that they cannot afford.

“She used to look yellow after birth. We thought it is normal for babies to get jaundice. After few months, we realized she is getting worse. Her stomach had slowly become so big. She was crying all the time. She was itching so much, we had to hold her hands down to stop. No amount of sunlight or feeding was curing her.” - Jonna (mother)

They did not have enough money to stay in Hyderabad, so they went home

Jonna and Pranadhan visited several hospitals, in Agartala and Kolkata. They discovered that Rajashree’s liver was completely damaged. The couple thought liver disease affected only alcoholics and were shocked to know that the baby had it from birth. They were referred to a hospital in Hyderabad.
The doctor told us that Rajashree would not survive the stress of travelling to Hyderabad by bus or train. We had to take her by flight. My husband immediately sold our land and went door to door borrowing money. We had about 2 Lakhs, most of which went for the travel, rent to stay in Hyderabad, and admission. Rajashree needs a liver transplant and my husband will be the donor. But we have no more money.” - Jonna

This family is now dependent on some external miracle to help their daughter survive

The family returned to Agartala in hoping of arranging money for the transplant. Without it, Rajashree has no hope. Owing to the liver damage, Rajashree’s body is not able to purify her blood. It causes her belly to bloat up every other day. When her cries get louder than ever, her parents rush her to the nearby hospital so they can drain the fluid in her belly. Whatever money they have been collecting goes towards this.

"I go to work every day for Rs. 150 that I get selling meat. My 13-year-old son is trying to collect money from his friends at school. Neighbors and relatives are donating to save Rajashree, but we have less than a lakh now. How will I get Rs. 25 lakhs soon? I don't want to be a father who is so helpless that he has to see his baby girl die." - Pranadhan
Time's running out for Rajashree and only your contribution can save her.

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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