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This Father Has Just 5 Days Left To Save His 1-Month-Old Baby From A Deadly Heart Disease

"With each passing day my baby's heartbeat becomes more rapid. I can feel it when I hold him. His poor breathing makes me scared. When he has hiccup or cough, he cries so much in pain and within few minutes he becomes blue and struggles to breathe. He is just a month-old, but he is already battling for his life. Every time I take him in my arms I'm sacred that this might be the last time I hold him. Every passing minute is a risk, but I'm helpless. I don't know what I can do to save him." - Yuvaraj, Father of 1-month-old baby Harish.

Little Harish was diagnosed with a heart disease even before he was born, but it turned out to be more complicated after his birth

Vani and Yuvaraj is a happy couple living a modest life with their 3-year-old son Kishore. When Vani became pregnant for the second time, they were thrilled. All went well except for the nausea and the usual aches and pains. Every visit to the doctor was exciting until her 6th month. The scan reports revealed that the baby has a heart disease and the diagnosis devastated both of them.

"Ever since the diagnosis, we have been running to several doctors. We were told that his condition is not serious and there are chances for it to heal by itself. But after he was born it turned out that his disease was more complicated it was initially believed to be. All our hopes were defeated. He was immediately taken to the NICU. Against all advice, I walked to the NICU soon after I opened my eyes.  I was heartbroken to see my baby struggling to breathe." - Vani, Mother.

Baby Harish needs an urgent open heart surgery without which he cannot survive

Baby Harish is diagnosed with a complicated disease called Transposition of the Great Arteries (TAG), a condition in which the two main arteries (one carrying oxygenated blood to the body, one carrying oxygenated blood away from the body) of the heart are in the wrong spots. Doctors say that baby Harish needs an urgent open heart surgery within a month's time without which his condition will become worse and even turn fatal. Unfortunately, there are just 5 days left for the surgery and the poor parents haven't found a way yet to save their precious baby.

"I still don't understand how a small baby like him can bear a surgery but doctors told that is the only option to save his life. I feel terrible when he cry for hours and there is nothing I could do to comfort him. My family members were reluctant to name him knowing that his life is uncertain. They asked me to be prepared for anything. How can a mother ever prepare for the loss of a child? I have named him 'Harish', I won't let him go at any cost. I'm praying every minute to get some help. I can never imagine losing him just because we don't have money." - Vani.

Poor parents are running out of time to save their baby from this dreadful disease

Yuvaraj works as a machine operator in a private company and he earns Rs 9000 per month whit which he managed to feed his family. He was saving every rupee for his child but he never thought that the expense would go through the roof. He is spending sleepless nights and has been running to everyone he knew. Still, he has not been able to arrange enough funds to get his baby the urgent surgery.

"My wife is crying all day and night. She begs me to get the surgery done at any cost. All I have is 5 days now and I'm losing my hope. The money I managed to borrow from my friends is nowhere close to the cost of the surgery. Even my elder son is so attached to him, he refuses to move away from him. He asks me, ''Appa why he is in blue color?'', ''why is he breathing so hard?''. I have no strength to tell him anything. I cannot forgive myself If I fail to save him. Even if work the whole year I won't be able to earn so much money but all I have is just 5 days. How can I save my son? " - Yuvaraj.

How you can help

1-month-baby Harish is battling a severe heart disease and it can turn fatal without an urgent surgery. He is running out of time and his poor parents are desperate to save him at any cost. This baby is struggling to even breathe since birth and has been battling bravely so far, but needs your help urgently. The heart surgery costs Rs 5 lakh and his parents cannot afford it. Your support can help this parents to save their baby's life.

Your kind contribution can save 1-month-old Harish's life and help him live a normal life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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