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1-Year-Old Baby Girl Who Can’t Eat Or Breathe On Her Own Needs Urgent Treatment To Live

“Ever since our baby girl was born a little more than a year ago, there have only been a handful of times that she’s been at home. Now, as I stand by her hospital bed, I wonder if she’ll ever be free from this pain, if we’ll get to take her home and carry her in my arms again. I can’t remember the last time I saw her smile or the last time she wasn’t in pain. She should be saying her first words and taking her first steps now, instead, she’s in the hospital, on the brink of death." - Rupa, mother.

Even before their journey of parenthood began, they faced the possibility of losing their newborn

Minutes after her delivery, Rupa was told that her baby’s life was in danger – her food pipe hadn’t developed. Rupa hadn’t even seen her baby yet and didn’t get a second to rejoice at the birth of their baby girl. It was all Rupa and Surojit had ever wanted, a happy family, and now, even before their journey of parenthood had begun, they faced the possibility of losing her. In the next 3 months, their baby girl's suffering only increased. She could barely feed or breathe without struggling, and her stomach began swelling. Rupa and Surojit took their baby from their home in West Bengal to Bangalore with the hope of saving her.

Even after two surgeries, the little one is still not out of danger 

In Bangalore, their little baby was diagnosed with tracheo-esophageal fistula, a condition due to which there's an abnormal connection between the food pipe and the windpipe, causing an obstruction in the baby’s breathing. Since she couldn’t eat on her own, she needed a surgery to insert an artificial tube to help feed her. However, even that failed. The doctors detected a leak in the tube due to which she needed another surgery. Rupa and Surojit's baby girl is barely older than a year and has already undergone two surgeries. Now, she's in the ICU on ventilator support, fighting for every breath.

“Every time I go to see her, I try to talk to her or call out to her, but she doesn't wake up. I can't help but breakdown. The only thing I wish for is to hold her and tell her that her mumma is there for her. I hope she knows that we're doing all we can to try and save her."

Surojit is struggling to get by with his minimal income and has no way to afford his baby's life-saving treatment 

Surojit has a small grocery shop in Belgharia, West Bengal. For the past 1 year, business has been slow. When his baby girl's condition was finally diagnosed, he decided that he would do everything he can to save her, despite his financial condition. Now, while Rupa is in Bangalore with their baby, Surojit tries his best to travel back and forth so that he can be with his wife and child. However, Surojit can't afford to miss work any longer. Without the little income he gets, he won't even have the money to buy medicines for his daughter.

We’ve spent more than 6 lakhs in the past one year on our baby’s treatment. We earn around 8,000 per month from the grocery store, but that’s not enough to continue her treatment. We’ve borrowed heavily from our relatives and neighbours, and can't ask them for more. We’re already in so much debt. I feel so helpless. I worry that if we can’t find a way to keep her in the hospital, we will be forced to stop her treatment.”

How you can help

Rupa and Surojit's baby girl has known nothing but pain. As she lies in the hospital bed in the ICU, all Rupa can do is pray that her daughter is saved from the pain of her condition. Their baby can't breathe or feed on her own and needs to stay in the ICU longer to completely recover. Rupa and Surojit are waiting for the day they can take their baby home in their arms. Unfortunately, if they can't afford her treatment, they might never get to take her home. The devastated parents need your help to save their only child.

Your support will help these devastated parents save their only baby.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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