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Helpless Mother Is Struggling To Save Premature Baby Born With Underdeveloped Vital Organs

 Deepa Laxmi was all excited to bring her newborn into the world. She had already lost two babies earlier and had prayed for her child to be healthy this time around. But to her despair, she had to deliver the baby boy before the due date. Her baby was immediately taken to the intensive care even before she could even hold him. And now all she can do is gently stroke her baby boy’s head while his entire body is covered with tubes and wires.

Deepa’s baby boy is kept in the intensive care unit due to his poorly developed vital organs

Deepa lives with her husband Venkatesh in Narayanpet, Telangana. After losing her first two babies, she was blessed with baby girl Harini (4). Deepa was the happiest when she conceived again recently. But to her despair, she suffered from high blood pressure during the seventh month of her pregnancy that resulted in poor growth of the baby. As per the doctor's advice, Deepa underwent c-section and delivered the baby before the due date. The baby was born with extremely low birth weight, and had underdeveloped lungs and intestines. And so, he was immediately taken to the intensive care section for newborns.

The baby was also diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis, a condition where the underdeveloped intestines of the baby are infected with bacteria. Unfortunately, the infection has spread into entire body and the poor child was at the brink of death. He underwent an operation immediately and is making progress each day. However, the baby needs to be kept in ICU for a few more days because of his underdeveloped lungs and needs ventilator support to recover.

“It’s been 20 days since my baby is struggling for life in the ICU. We’ve spent all our days and nights in the waiting room. My elder daughter asks me when her little brother will home. I cannot tell her that we have exhausted all the money and cannot afford to continue the treatment. I don’t want to break her heart.” - Deepa, mother

Venkatesh borrowed lakhs for his son's treatment, but even that is not enough to save him

Venkatesh used to work in a cotton mill as a daily wage labourer. But now he has no source of income and is constantly struggling to save his son. He borrowed 4.5 lakhs from everyone that he knows, to fund his son’s treatment till now. But now after exhausting all the money, he is unable to continue it any further. He needs your help to save his baby boy.

How you can help

Deepa has already lost two babies earlier and she cannot imagine losing one more baby. Venkatesh did everything he could to save his son. Now he’s left with nothing to continue his son’s treatment. Only your help can help Deepa save her baby from the fatal condition.

Your kind contribution can save this little one

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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