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After Losing Baby Because They Couldn't Afford Treatment, This Couple Now Struggles To Save Their Newborn

Three years ago, my 1-day-old baby died in my arms. We have never been able to overcome that loss. Now when I see our baby fighting for his life in the hospital, I fear that’s this time too, we will lose our child only because we can’t afford the treatment he needs.” – Asif, father  

Even three years after their unbearable loss, Asif blames himself for their baby’s death. Now, more than ever. As he sits outside the intensive care unit, where his 20-day-old baby boy now lays, there’s only one thing on his mind – taking his baby home, healthy and happy. But Asif and Asma can’t afford to keep their baby in the hospital any longer. The little one needs to stay in the NICU for one more week, but they don’t have enough to keep him in the hospital for even a day longer.

They lost their baby because they couldn't afford treatment, now life has brought them to the same crossroads

Asma and Asif will never forget the day they lost their baby. Even years later, they say a little prayer for him every morning. He was born premature and needed immediate hospitalization and 6 lakhs to live, but all of Asif’s savings put together wasn’t enough; he just didn’t have enough to start his treatment. He was only a day old when they lost him, and now, life has brought Asma and Asif to the same crossroads.

The 20-day-old baby’s condition is improving with intensive care, but he’s still not out of danger

Asma and Asif’s baby boy was born premature in the eighth month of the pregnancy on 14th September. Underweight and struggling to breathe, he was immediately taken to the NICU and has been there ever since. Asma and Asif thought it was only a matter of days before they could take their baby home, but days turned into weeks, as their baby fought for every breath. Their 20-day-old baby boy has jaundice and severe respiratory distress syndrome which causes shallow breathing and a sharp, pulling-in of the chest below and between the ribs with each breath. Only further medical care and attention can save him.

Asif doesn’t have the means to continue his son’s treatment any longer

“Every morning, my wife and I go to the hospital where I spend a few minutes with him and then leave to go to the shop for work. In the evening, I pick up my two sons from school and then go back to the hospital to see my baby again. As much as I long to see him, I’m terrified that when I reach the hospital, my worst fears will be realized.

Asif is the only earning member of the family and works in a small shop. With his minimal income, he doesn’t have the means to continue his son’s treatment any longer. But Asif hasn’t given up. Every day he knocks on the doors of friends and relatives, asking for help. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Their baby needs to stay in the hospital for one more week, and if Asif can’t afford the last leg of his treatment, they might never get to take him home.

How You Can Help

Asma and Asif’s baby boy has fought hard to make it this far, and while his condition is improving, all their efforts will be in vain if they can’t complete his treatment. For 20 days now, they’ve done everything they can to save their baby, now they need your help to continue his treatment for one more week. With your help, they can take their baby home.

Your support will save their 20-day-old baby’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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