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I Became a Mother After 10 Long Years, Yet I Can't Hold My Baby In My Hands

AD title: Mother struggles to save her newborn baby
AD title: Despite a long wait, this mother cannot hold her baby

I waited for 10 long years to hold my baby in hands. I cry every night staring at the walls. I longed to have a baby next to me. Now I have my baby but not lucky enough to hold him in my hands. He is in ICU fighting for his life, even before he could experience it.

Baby is born premature weighing only 2120 grams

I got married to Srinivasan, and we were living a happy life. Little did I know that perfect plans and perfect pregnancy were only in my dreams. We planned for baby in a year, when it didn't happen, I was concerned. More months passed, then a year, two, five, seven and 10 years! I was completely shattered.

The emotional trauma and physical strength from hospital visits and medicines were overwhelming. My husband and family were supportive but I'm sure that no one can really understand how it feels to me. Every month when I got my period, I would breakdown. It was painful to know that I'm not pregnant.

Baby had his surgery soon after 36 hours of his birth

After 10 long years, I got pregnant. I was thrilled. I gave utmost care to my body and mental health. I made sure that my precious baby comes to this world perfectly healthy.

I had severe back pain and nausea but I woke up grateful every morning that I'm able to carry a child.

Srinivasan and Amutha before her pregnancy

Everything was smooth and went well. Unexpectedly I got labor pain much earlier than the due date and my baby was born prematurely weighing only 2120 grams. I vaguely heard his cry and I broke into tears. I could not describe that moment in words. Even before I could hold my baby in hands, doctors took him to ICU. He has anorectal malformation, there is no way to pass stools. His first surgery was done after 36 hours of his birth.

Parents are desperate to take him home

It has been 12 days since he is born, I have not yet held him in my hands. He is fed through tubes. I can only see him for few minutes. My husband and I decided to name him Pomesh Vijayan.  He is exactly how I had envisioned him. He is perfect.

I can't believe that my baby suffers so many complications and going through so much of pain despite all my love and care for him.
My husband knows that he has to be strong at this time. We hardly have any time and strength to console each other. He is running from pillar to post to arrange money for his treatment. I stay in hospital from morning till evening. I return home as I cannot afford a room in the hospital. I go home only to cry aloud and spend a sleepless night. I come back early in the morning to see my son.

Baby needs 3 more weeks of ICU stay

I beg doctors to save my son. My husband cannot afford to take leave from his office because we are relying only on his salary. With his salary, we can hardly make our ends meet. I don't know how I can save my child but no matter what I can't let him go.

Just because he is born to poor parents he should not be undeserving to live a life. I want him to grow up healthy and feel happy for having us as his parents.

I'm sure I can give all the love and happiness to him but he needs to be alive and live a normal life.

How can you help

My son needs another 2-3 weeks of hospital stay and we have exhausted all our savings. We don't have a rupee left. We are willing to do anything to save his life. We require Rs 5 lakhs to continue the treatment.

Only your contributions can give him a life.  

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