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Without An Urgent Transplant, Even A Cold Can Kill This Baby Who Has A Defective Immune System

“He used to get injections at 6 in the morning every day. Now, even at home, he wakes up at 6 and starts crying on his own. Hospitals are more normal to him than the room we keep him in.” - Abhinandan, Baby Arush's father.
Baby Arush's body has a hypersensitive immune system because of a rare disease. He keeps getting infections – each attack more severe than the previous one. The only cure for his condition is a bone-marrow transplant so he does not succumb to even a common cold.

Arush's treatment has caused a lot of hair to grow on his body 

The weakest of germs are fatal for Arush

Baby Arush was healthy for the first 6 months of his life. That ended when he caught a fever that did not go away for months despite being admitted in different hospitals. To his parents' shock, they were told that little Arush had HLH (hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis), a rare, fatal disease that makes the body produce too many activated immune cells

Arush with his father and sister Ananya before he fell sick

“The doctor said that there was no cure and there was only a 40% chance for Arush. He hwas not even a year old and I couldn't bear to lose him to lack of trying. We brought him to a hospital in Bangalore. Here they ran more tests and told us that Arush has a 90% chance of survival through a bone-marrow transplant.” - Abhinandan

Baby Arush is kept in a sterile closed room so he doesn't get infections

Abhinandan is now back in Kalhalli, where they live. He is trying to arrange for funds to save Arush. The rest of the family has moved to Bangalore for treatment. Ayush is kept in a closed room and he is touched only after a complete body wash. The family follows these precautions to prevent him from catching an infection.

“We try to keep him comfortable and play with him. My daughter, Ananya, is the donor and she is braver than we are at the hospital. She wants to give her blood to her little brother to save him. I am here to work, but in every waking moment – I am thinking of my small, sick baby in Bangalore.” - Abhinandan

Arush has undergone harsh treatment to live

“He has become a little weak and has developed a lot of facial hair. He can't speak, but he starts crying the minute we reach the hospital gates. He feels safe again only after we are outside. It is painful, but there is no other way of helping my son.” - Abhinandan

Father is on the verge of losing the only source of their income

Abhinandan is a dentist in his village and almost has to shut his practice down from being irregular. He shuttles between Bangalore and Kalhalli. He is now solely focused saving his baby from this terrible condition. He is already Rs 12 lakhs in debt and has exhausted all his savings. He needs Rs 6 lakhs more to ensure that Arush gets the transplant.

How you can help

Arush's parents live in constant fear of him catching an infection that could be his last. There is very less time for them to arrange for the necessary funds because Arush needs a transplant at the soonest. At this point, a cold could kill Arush. The family has arranged Rs 10 lakhs and need another Rs 6 lakhs for the transplant. 

Your contribution will save the life of a very sick baby.

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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