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Adhar – A Unique Home For Special Children in Mumbai, Needs A Little Help

All parents worry about their children's future. But this worry is compounded for parents of special children. The child may have grown up, but his mental age remains low – depending on the type of mental retardation. Ageing parents are beset by the one thought – “After us, what? Who will take care of my child?”

It is a constant, niggling fear – because no one else will give their vulnerable, very dear child, the loving care that she grew up with.

People who make up Adhar are themselves parents of special children

Driven by this fear, 25 parents of children with special needs came together to start a home where their children would be taken care of after them. To this day, this very special home Adhar, derives its inspiration from the vision of these founders and cares for 320 special adults. Adhar has two residential complexes, one in Badlapur, Mumbai and one in Nashik.

Adhar residents on an outing

At Adhar, the adults get lifelong care, training, rehabilitation with the help of a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical officers, social workers, special teachers, caretakers. Seven out of the ten trustees who manage the place are themselves parents of children with mental retardation.

Adhar is funded by 100% voluntary donations from parents

Adhar, Badlapur was born as a residential institution taking lifelong care of special adults. Adhar does not receive any grant or aid from the government. Adhar also extends subsidies to parents depending on their economic conditions.

Currently, the average age of the Special Adults is about 45 yrs and the average age of the parents is around 70 years, which means that the parents' contributions will reduce as they grow older.

Average expense per adult is Rs 15,000/month, out of which the parents of the adults, on an average can only afford paying Rs 12,000 only. This leaves Adhar with a deficit of Rs 3,000 per month for each member. The total deficit including all the 320 adult members goes up to Rs 9.6 lakhs a month. Adhar hopes to cover one month's deficit through the fundraiser.

Residents at Adhar find friendship, contentment and self-fulfilment. Contribute and join them in creating happiness every day for special adults.

Messages from families:

“Akash has been here for the last 14 years. After coming here, he has improved a lot and whenever I take him home he just wants to come back to Adhar. Whenever I come here, I feel like I am coming to a resort. Now, I am not worried who will look after Akash when I am gone...”
– Akash's mother Mrs Subramanian, who is no more. Akash is still safe and happy at Adhar.

“After 33 years of my mother taking care of Irfan, I was finally able to take her for a stress-free vacation for 10 days, because now we are assured that Irfan is being well taken care of and .”
– Irfan's brother Usman