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This Teenager Has Been Suffering For 8 years Because His Father Can't Afford His Surgery

“It is the worst thing a parent can go through when you can’t take your child to a doctor despite knowing he is sick. I just never had the money. Every day, I would pray for him to fight his disease a little longer, till some miracle happened and I would get the money needed to treat him.”

Srinivasalu has had heart disease for the past 8 years

Srinivasalu, now 16, has been suffering from a severe heart disease for the past 8 years. But his father, Subramanyam, could never pay for his treatment. His condition just kept getting worse. Last month when he started getting breathless, Subramanyam took him to the hospital again. Srinivasalu’s condition has deteriorated so much that he needs a surgery at the earliest, to survive.

Srinivasalu was in class 3, when one afternoon after school he started vomiting after lunch. They initially thought it was food poisoning, but he continued to throw up frequently over the next five days and got severely dehydrated. No medicine worked on him and his distraught parents took him to the doctor again. A series of tests showed that Srinivasalu had Tetralogy of Fallot - multiple heart defects that needed an open heart surgery to fix.

Srinivasulu's parents are struggling to save him

Subramanyam and his wife, Uma, were shocked to discover that their little boy had such a severe condition. From then, they have spent every day living in fear that their son will not survive. They had no means whatsoever to pay for his treatment. And no parent can silently watch as their child’s life is slowly slipping away. They were desperate to save him.

The started to look for different medical health camps. It was only at camps that they could get free check-ups done. They attended every health camp in their village Kuppam, got him tested every time and purchased prescribed medicines. Medicines were all Subramanyam could afford on his own, in order to keep his son alive. This went on until Srinivasalu’s condition became very serious.

Srinivasulu needs an urgent surgery to survive

When Srinivasalu started getting breathless last month, the doctors at the hospital told the parents that he doesn’t have very long to live unless he gets a surgery done. He was hospitalized for 5 days, but the surgery couldn’t happen because of his high BP. He was prescribed medication again and then discharged. Once his BP is stable, he will have to undergo an operation, and his parents don't have any way to arrange the money needed.

“They say my son will die, and I feel so helpless because I don’t have the money.  How can I just sit and watch my boy die? I don’t know what to do, all I know is that somehow I need to save him.”

The father is a daily wage laborer

Subramanyam works as a seasonal daily wage laborer whose income is barely enough to keep the household afloat. His elder son, Sanjay, works as a salesman in a clothes shop while pursuing his degree to help out with the finances. But even that money isn’t enough to pay the hospital bills.

All his life this teen has waited for a surgery that his parents have not been able to afford

How you can help

To help his son live, he needs your help. His poverty shouldn't be the cause of his son's untimely death. He needs Rs 3 lakhs for the treatment and he is running out of time.

Your contribution can save Srinivasalu

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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