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Soumya Ranjan: Cancer survivor, cheerful Class 7 student

Soumya Ranjan Biswal is one of those happy kids who were helped by Milaap and its generous lenders to pursue school education. He is now a Class 7 student of Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir in Bhubaneswar. He is an ardent fan of cricket and Virat Kohli. Ask him any question about the latter; he will answer it almost instantaneously. He loves Math and probably for this interest, he has a peculiar choice of career; he wants to be a Mathematician when he grows up. During his leisure time, he watches the cartoon show Ben 10 and he wouldn't miss movies of Salman Khan on TV for anything.
He was all smiling when we conversed with him. But till a couple of years ago, nobody knew how long this smile would last. Soumya is suffering from cancer. He was diagnosed with the disease when he was 5 years old. His mother couldn't say what specific type of cancer it is, but from her explanation, we understood it to be either the cancer of thyroid gland or lymphoma, the cancer of lymphatic nodes. He is being treated at the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai since then. Fortunately, he is almost cured of the deadly disease now. He now visits the hospital only once a year. Earlier, he used to frequent it once in every 3 months. His family spent over Rs.4,00,000 so far for his treatment. The medical costs further worsened the financial standing of his family.
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His father works as a watchman at the Forest Office. His mother too started to work from home to support his struggling father in sustaining the family. She makes snacks at home and sells them in the neighborhood. When the new academic year commenced at his school, Soumya’s parents had to pay the annual re-admission fee. In addition, they purchased new text books, school uniforms, shoes and other necessary items for his school. The total expenses came out to be over Rs.15,000, which certainly is a huge amount for his parents to pay within a short period of time. And precisely, at this point of time, Milaap and its lenders came to the rescue of Soumya and his family.

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