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Help 2-Year-Old Shreyans Fight The Large Cancerous Tumor In His Liver

2-year-old Shreyans smiles at everyone that passes by. He happily waves, laughs and even gives flying kisses when he’s spoken to. When someone meets baby Shreyans for the very first time, they can't tell that he’s been fighting a cancerous tumor for months. Shreyans has been living with a huge tumor in his liver, and is undergoing treatment for the same. He has completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy so far. Shreyans’s condition is improving, but he needs an immediate liver surgery to live.

Despite the agonizing pain, Baby Shreyans is generous with a smile

In April, Shreyans’s mother, Mamatha, noticed there was a swelling in her baby’s stomach. On consulting a doctor, she was asked to get an MRI scan done. His parents soon found out that their baby had a large tumor in his liver. They were completely shattered. Mamatha brought all the way from Darjeeling to Bangalore for his treatment, where he started chemotherapy immediately. Shreyans has been admitted to the hospital every month for 7 days ever since then. His smile has never once faded.

“It surprises me how such a small baby, going through so much pain, still manages to spread love every day. He's our greatest strength. He’s so oblivious to how dangerous his disease is, and sometimes when we look at him, even we forget for that moment. Reality hits us soon enough, though. It scares me to think that I might never see that smile again.”

Shreyans has stayed strong all these months even though he's had numerous injections and painful procedures. It’s been an uphill battle for the little one so far, but he and his parents haven’t given up yet.  

A dire lack of funds is standing in the way of his recovery

Shreyans was first advised to undergo chemotherapy and a liver transplant to beat the cancer. His father was a suitable donor match. However, after completing 6 cycles of chemotherapy, the baby had made great progress.

“We were so relieved when the doctor told us that his tumor had reduced in size. We were told that he doesn’t need a liver transplant anymore because he responded well to the treatment, but he still needs to have a surgery to remove a part of his liver.”

Shreyans has a chance of being completely tumor free if he can have the liver resection surgery. However, his parents are struggling to pay for the mounting medical bills.
His father, Sunny,  works in a small event management company in Bangalore, and earns Rs. 6,000 per month. The family was getting by with his earnings, but Shreyans’s diagnosis has left them struggling financially. They have already spent Rs 6 Lakhs on chemotherapy and hospital bills so far with support from their friends and family.

“He has a chance of getting better, but we have to arrange 6 lakhs more for his surgery. I don’t know how we’re going to do that in time. Our families have already done all they can to help us. We don’t see any other way right now.”

Shreyans was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma and needs to undergo the surgery at the earliest. If delayed, the cancerous tumor could spread to other parts of his body and worsen his condition. His surgery has been scheduled for the second week of January. Shreyans needs Rs 6 Lakhs to have the surgery. 

How Can You Help

Shreyans has been living with a deadly tumor in his liver for months. His condition has improved considerably since chemotherapy. However, Shreyans needs a surgery to remove a part of his liver to get rid of the cancer in his body. He needs Rs 6 Lakhs to have the surgery by the second week of January. His mother is a housewife and his father works in a small event management company. They can’t afford to pay for his treatment anymore and need your help to do so.

Your support will give Baby Shreyans a healthy future.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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