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I Tell My Little Son That He Needs This Painful Chemotherapy So He Can Be Strong And Become A Policeman

My 5-year-old son Shayanuddin is my world. His smile and love made my life complete. Like any other mother, I also had a lot of plans for his future. He is such a cheerful boy. I loved him so much, I was determined to give him the best life but sometimes a parents love is woefully inadequate. As soon as he was 2-years-old, he started experiencing pain and trauma that I cannot help him with.

When he turned two, he had just begun to speak and I was excited about every new word he uttered. But my happiness did not last for long. He suddenly fell sick and became very weak and anemic. Day by day, despite medicines his condition deteriorated. I took him to a different hospital and got another blood test. There I was told that my son has blood cancer. I felt like my world has come to an end. I couldn't believe what I heard.

My son started the gruelling chemotherapy and he went through a lot of pain next 2 years. I never bought anything nice. All I could buy for him were medicines and injections. The thought that my baby's childhood being spent in the hospital cut me up every day.

After 2 long years of struggle, I saw a ray of hope. Doctors told me that I could take him back home and he only needed to come for monthly check-ups. He continued with his medicines, but I was relieved that my son was back home. Knowing the uncertainty of life much better now, I was very careful. I was always next to him and made sure he ate well and stayed healthy.

It took some time to come back to normal. I bought him toys, coloring books, alphabet and number books. His life was slowly getting better. It was then the worst happened again. Almost a year after he recovered, I took him for a monthly checkup. His cancer had relapsed again and he needed chemotherapy for the next two years.

I was devastated beyond words and was terrified thinking about the long painful journey ahead. The hospital would once again become his second home. But this time, my son had so many questions. He is angry with me for bringing him here. He keeps asking me why he is here again and pleads for me to take him back home. I tell him "You need more energy to become a police officer, so you have to take all the medicines and injections and be strong". I made him believe that he has to go through this to become a police officer - the strongest person he knows.

When doctors or nurses come inside our room, I used to think that they would come to me and say, "We are sorry, a huge mistake has happened. Your son is all right, you can take him back home." Now I have come to terms with it. I know I have to deal with this and it can't be undone.

I have left everything in Cuddalore and have come to Chennai for treatment. I stay with my husband and have rented a room here. My husband is a daily wage worker. He feels just as helpless. We hardly sleep or eat these days. He can't afford to stay with us because we can have our next meals only if he earns.

I have spent everything I had for his treatment, and now I have to start again from scratch. My son has already lost the precious time of his life in hospital. He needs to take intensive treatment for next 2 years. His pain and trauma are inevitable. I'm preparing myself and my son to fight against his cancer. I'm willing to do anything to save his life.

Doctors say that he has a very good chance of recovery if he continues treatment. I have no money left. I need Rs 12 lakhs for treatment, without which, he cannot survive. My son believes that he will become a police officer one day and he is giving his best to fight the disease. I need your support to save his life.

Only your contribution can give my son a chance to live his life!

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