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24-Year-Old Shashi Needs Help To Fight Cancer For The Second Time

“I thought it was finally time for me to get my life back on track, but I was wrong. The doctors told me the cancer was back. I kept rereading my reports because I couldn’t believe that the nightmare was not over yet.”

Shashi Kumar has been fighting cancer for close to 2 years now. He’s has Carcinoma, a severe form of cancer that starts in the cells or the tissue lining organs. Cancer has now affected his liver and he needs chemotherapy at the earliest. Shashi has completed 1 cycle of chemotherapy and needs 3 more.

A never-ending battle with cancer

Shashi has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time now. After completing chemotherapy and radiation the first time, he felt positive about his recovery. He was looking forward to going back to work and starting his life again, but fate had other plans for him. Shashi recently discovered that his cancer was back.

“My battle with cancer started one and a half years ago when I used to find it hard to breathe through my nose. I lived with it for almost 6 months until it became really painful. Several tests later, I was told I had cancer. I was shocked but determined to overcome the disease. I completed the treatment and thought I was cancer free, but now it’s back. I’m trying to stay positive and not let it shake my faith.”

Shashi with his parents

Shashi hid his cancer from his parents to not worry them

Shashi worked in a private bank in Bangalore for a year after completing his MBA. He was slowly building his life and working towards a secure future when he received the devastating news. His parents live in Kunigal, and Shashi was afraid of how they would react to the news. He hid his disease from them for a very long time and underwent treatment with the support of his uncle.

“I didn’t know how to tell them. I knew they’d get very worried about me. We come from a very humble background, and I didn’t want to worry them about the expensive medical bills as well. I wanted to protect them from all the pain for as long as I could.”

Shashi with his uncle.

When Shashi’s parents did find out, they were shocked. They quickly rushed to Bangalore, worried sick at the thought of losing their only son. They were shaken to see him change so much in just a matter of few months. Shashi had become very weak and had lost a lot of weight. Now that Shashi’s cancer has reemerged, they’re trying their best to stay positive for their son.

“I know it hurts them to see me like this. When I told them that the cancer was back, they were speechless. They keep praying that my suffering stops and I’m back to the old Shashi they knew.”

Shashi at college before cancer

Shashi has exhausted all his savings on his first treatment

Shashi has spent nearly 20 lakhs on his treatment so far. With the help of his family members and his savings from work, he somehow managed to pay for treatment till now. However, he can’t afford to pay for it again. Shashi is the only breadwinner of the family. He is the pillar of strength for his parents who look to him for emotional and financial support. However, Shashi hasn’t been able to go to work for one and a half years now. The lack of income has made it very difficult for him and his parents.

“We sold our land in the village to pay for my treatment. That was our only financial security. We have nothing else left now. I already used all my savings and more for my treatment the first time.”

Shashi is the only support his parents have, but cancer is threatening to take everything away from him once again. His only chance to finally beat the disease is to have chemotherapy. Shashi needs approximately 4 lakhs for the treatment. 

How You Can Help

Shashi Kumar is fighting cancer for the second time in two years. His entire life has come to a standstill because of this deadly illness, but he’s determined to not let it bring him down. His only chance for a healthy future is chemotherapy. Shashi needs our help to get the treatment he needs.

Your support will save Shashi Kumar.
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