Sharifa Is On Ventilator Fighting For Her Life While Her Newborn Twins Are In The NICU Fighting For Their Own | Milaap
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Sharifa Is On Ventilator Fighting For Her Life While Her Newborn Twins Are In The NICU Fighting For Their Own

32-year-old Sharifa and her husband, Irfan were excited at her pregnancy. Eagerly looking forward to the arrival of their twins, the first-time parents hardly considered the possibility of things going awry. But on November 26, 2017, a 7-months pregnant Sharifa was moved to a hospital in Pune, with her life and her twin babies' life hanging in balance.  

Sharifa is in the ICU because of heavy internal bleeding 

The Family suffered a string of tragedy

Sharifa was 7 months pregnant when she started having a recurring fever. Being at her mother's home in Pune, she consulted a doctor there. The doctor recommended an emergency C-section. After the operation, her babies, though weak, were moved to NICU for breathing support. But Sharifa had a lot of internal bleeding which affected her liver and kidneys.

Sharifa's babies are both fine and are getting stronger

"The doctors at Global Hospital later told me that she actually had dengue. There wasn't any other option than the C-section. Without that, our babies wouldn't have made it out alive. More so, even Sharifa's life would be under threat. But it is also causing heavy bleeding in her body," said Irfan. 

Sharifa at her wedding a two years back

The doctors gave up on her and asked Irfan to take Sharifa home. But walking a tightrope of hope, Irfan brought Sharifa to Global Hospital, Mumbai. Here, though critical, she was put on life support. As her condition stabilized, the doctors realised that she was responding to the medication. While she was recuperating, her kidney started malfunctioning. She became unable to pass stool or urine.

Sharifa is at the hospital fighting for her life

"I got one bad news after another. One moment of hope and then something even worse happens. When doctors told me that even kidneys were giving up, I lost all hope. I thought this is how I lose the love of my life. My world around me was crumbling, and there was little I could do to help," said Irfan.

A family of Humble Means

Sharifa and Irfan had been married for only two years and were excited at the prospect of starting a family. Working as a lab assistant in a hospital, for past 7months, Irfan is the sole earning member of the family. He also works as a ticketing executive in a small travel company to earn some extra money.

Sharifa and Irfan in happier times

"I sold off Sharifa's jewellery to save her and the babies. I have nothing left to sell. My wife is fighting death here in Mumbai and back in Pune, my twins are in NICU, alone, struggling to live. Sharifa hasn't even seen their faces yet. Some days, I don't know who to cry for more, my wife or our twins. All of them need my help and despite my best effort, I am not able to provide for it," said Irfan.

Sharifa's daily medication cost Irfan Rs 40,000. Whatever monetary help he gets from his friends and family goes in buying medicines. He has nothing left to pay the hospital bills for his wife and his children.

How can you help? 

Sharifa is in ICU struggling for her life while her newborn twins are back in the NICU in Pune. Her husband, who is by her side day and night, is striving hard to bring his family home, alive and breathing. So far, he has managed to pay off Rs 1.5 lakhs at the hospital. He is yet to arrange for Rs 12 lakhs. With his meagre income, he no longer has any resources to pay the impending bills, failing which, the hospitals will have to refuse Sharifa a life-saving treatment. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards Sharifa's treatment. 

Supporting Documents

Specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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