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Shanta keeps her hopes alive and aims high

"I feel vulnerable at times when my business faces little ups and downs as it happens with every other individual but this vulnerability does not make me weak instead make me feel more close to my children who strengthens my inner soul." This was the reply of Shanta a woman who proved herself by fighting with the system in her own way.

Shanta at work

Shanta says that from the time she remembers in her childhood she always saw her father working and her mother did the household job.

In-fact in other houses too women would not do any job outside and never got the chance to earn respect outside and also did not get any inside the four walls of the house.

Her married life was no better with a conservative family she found no free space to breathe.

It was a big turn for her which came in an unusual way and life surprised her.

It was the time when she was a mother of four daughters and her husband told her to make their youngest daughter a Devdasi in order to please God and be blessed by a son.
She knew that by making her daughter a Devdasi her girl will become "dedicated" to worship and serve a deity or a temple for the rest of her life.

Her frustration and anguish all came out and showed up.
That day she didn't say much but left the house along with her daughters and came to her native village where she had her own land.

Since then the real struggle started which also helped her one by one break away from all the stereotypes and give her the voice to speak up the truth and let everybody face it life hasn't been easy going all through the plan of starting up her own business.

She worked day and night to make her land productive and grow in the bananas as soon as possible because every second counted as she was outside, along with her daughters and had no support.

It was hard for her emotionally to lose all relations forever.

After this phase, although she started her own fruit stall the major problem which arises her daughter's education.

Yes, it was a problem because she never got the chance to complete her education because of the society and back then people did not truly believe in making the female child educated she knew the power which this weapon holds and somehow got the children into the local school.

She works hard from dusk till dawn. She has to take care of the fruit production, its transportation, the sales and also taking out time for her children.

The world is so unkind and cruel to some people that they are forced to bottle up to survive and forget who they actually are.
Shanta points out, "Throughout my life, I have been pulled and question for listening to my heart and leave my husband house and set up my own world people judge women say easily and very smartly narrow down the struggles and achievements of hours with their shallow thinking".

But she is a true fighter a believer on dispute and disorders.

With all her problems still very much there in her life, she is doing things that she loves.

She continues her small business of fruit selling, makes her savings and the most important one dreams of a daughter's to complete their education and do something big and make her proud one day.