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Boy Who Worked To Support His Education Is Now Fighting For His Life With 80% Of His Body Burnt

When most other children were excited about summer holidays after their board exams, Shaik Mastan was looking for work to support his higher education. At 15-years of age, he’s so responsible and hardworking that he soon found work as a daily wager. While everyone else was playing on the streets or watching TV, Shaik Mastan was toiling away at the construction site. But fate had other things in plan for this determined young boy. A freak accident has left him fighting for his life in the ICU, burnt from head to toe.

“When I rushed to the hospital and saw our son, he was lying there, with his flesh peeling off…his whole body burnt. All he wanted was to help us, to study and stand on his own feet. Look where life has brought him.” – Shaik Mehboob Subhani, father. 

A lunch break led to this gruesome, terrible accident

May 5th started like any other day for Shaik Mastan. He went for work early in the morning and was sitting at the railway station to have lunch, as he always did. When a goods train arrived, Mastan realized he has a few more minutes before his break ended. He climbed the goods train. Unfortunately, a high voltage wire electrocuted him. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Guntur by some people who witnessed this gruesome accident.

Ever since that day, Mastan has been fighting for his life in the ICU. 80% of his body is burnt. It’s a long road of recovery ahead for him, but he’s a fighter. He can make it with 2 more months of ICU care and surgery. However, his poor parents can’t afford it.

Waking up to his body completely burnt has left him in shock

Shaik Mastan woke up in the ICU after the terrible incident. He is now in shock. He doesn’t talk much and just stares at his parents when they talk to him. His family is heartbroken, his mother, inconsolable.

“He is physically here with us, but mentally it feels like he’s so far away. The shock of seeing his entire body burnt is still fresh in his mind… I can tell just by looking at him.” – Ashrifan, mother

His parents couldn’t afford his education, the treatment is beyond their means

Shaik Mastan has to stay in the ICU for longer to survive. This is a matter of life and death for him. If he doesn’t get help soon, he won’t make it. His father, Shaik Mehboob is a lorry cleaner and earns Rs. 250 per day. With this, he could barely afford to run the house – he definitely can’t afford the 25 lakhs needed for his son’s treatment.

Only your support can save young Shaik Mastan whose only wish is to study further and give his parents a better life.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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