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Brothers Who Managed To Save Sister Once, Now Helplessly Hold Her Hand As She Fights Cancer Relapse

“We did everything to save her from cancer the first time – begged and borrowed from people, and even lost our jobs. We had promised to protect her after our father’s death - all our promises seem false now" - Ravi, Diksha's older brother
In between her chemotherapy sessions, when Diksha isn’t very tired - she scrolls through her Facebook feed. Fifteen minutes of scrolling and she puts her phone down. She gets upset thinking about how her friends are making plans for Holi while she is lying in hospital in Vellore for the last 3 months fighting cancer. She needs a bone marrow transplant and her brother, Hitesh is a matched donor. But Hitesh and his elder brother, Ravi are in no position to afford a 14 lakh transplant for their sister. Their only hope now is crowdfunding.

When our father passed away 4 years ago, we promised to protect our little sister

23-year-old Diksha has Acute Myeloid Leukemia - a rapidly spreading cancer of the blood that results in producing immature white blood cells in excess. She was diagnosed with this disease when she was 21 - six months of chemotherapy had cured her then. Or so the family thought.
“Last November, she started showing the same symptoms - high fever, not wanting to eat anything at all and she had lost a lot of weight as well. We took her for a test only to be told that she has had a relapse. I felt as if we were failing her again.” - Ravi (elder brother).
Diksha with her mother, Neetu and elder brother, Ravi

I want to become a teacher but I don’t think this disease will allow me that

Diksha was in her final year of M.Com when she had the relapse. Her condition was so serious this time, that she was taken to CMC, Vellore immediately. She missed her exams and was very upset about it.
“But what choice did I have? I could hardly sit up when I was being brought to Vellore. My mother, my brothers were crying for me. But the only thing I could think was how lucky my other friends were who would be sitting for the exams. I wanted to do my B.Ed after this, now it feels like it would all be a dream,” - Diksha.

An old pic of Diksha

Both of us are out of job now and under huge debts - how do we afford her treatment?

Hitesh and his elder brother, Ravi were working in a garment shop in Bhopal. But for the last one year, Hitesh has been too busy taking care of his sister along with his widowed mother, Neetu. Ravi was taking care of the finances but for the last 3 months, he has been in Vellore with his family.
“We used to make Rs 7000 each but that was never enough. Now with no job and the medical bills piling up we are at a loss as to how to afford Diksha’s treatment. We have mortgaged our house and got 11 lakhs. We also had to borrow from our friends. Milaap too helped us with 3 lakhs. But her transplant would cost us 14 more lakhs, we would never be able to arrange for so much,” - Hitesh (younger brother).

Even though he tries, Diksha's brother, Hitesh fails to cheer her up now

How you can help

Diksha’s elder brothers are trying their level best to save their beloved little sister from deadly cancer. One of them is even a matched donor. They have lost their jobs but want to cure her at any cost. With your help, Hitesh and Ravi can bring Diksha home.

These brothers are leaving no stone unturned to afford their sister's cancer treatment. But they are under huge debts and the cost of the transplant is too much for them to afford. A small contribution from your side can help them.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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