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7-Month-Old Yashank Needs Urgent Help Surviving A Critical Heart Condition

Yashank is a cheerful, 7-month-old with severe heart defects. His condition has become worse and he needed urgent corrective surgery. He is currently breathing on ventilator support. His father Shiva Kumar is struggling to ensure Yashank gets the right treatment.

Yashank has just come out of the ICU and is taking some time to get better

Yashank's condition came as a shock to his parents 

Yashank is his parents' second child. His birth completed their small, perfect family. He is a cheerful, playful baby and his parents saw nothing worrisome. It was when they took him for his fifth-month vaccinations that the doctor noticed that Yashank's fingernails were blue. 

“The doctor asked us to get some tests for Yashank's heart. That was when we found out he had such a serious heart defects. The first two days we were very upset. We were at home, crying for our innocent baby who had such a grave illness,” says Shiva.

Before this, Yashank's parents had no idea that he was so sick

Shivak and his wife Sushma are still in shock because they have still not come to terms with Yashank's condition. But early this month, he turned entirely blue and became unable to breathe. The time had run out and he needed immediate help. 

Yashank was operated upon since it was an urgent case. But he still needs some time to recover from the ordeal. His breathing has still not returned to normal and he has just been discharged from the intensive care unit. All the while the medical bills are piling on Shiva.

Yashank needs support to even breathe. He needs to be in the hospital till he gets better

Yashank's parents have been able to pay only part of the medical bills

“His feeding was a bit irregular but other than that, Yashank was fine. He responds to us when we call his name. He used to be thrilled when his brother came home and used to pull his hair. We didn't know what to look for. Now, he needs support even to breathe,” Shiva says.

Shiva works in a private company in Hyderabad and has no means to continue Yashank's treatment. Since his parents are no more, he feels alone and unable to cope with this terrible situation. Yashas, their older son is with an uncle – and is very sad at being away from him parents.

The happy family was not prepared for the medical emergency 

“I have asked some friends to help, but they all have their own commitments. At the moment, we have no one else to approach for help saving my baby. We are hoping that some way to save him turns up,” says Shiva.

How you can help

Shiva has been able to only clear a part of the bill at the hospital. He needs another 4 lakhs to make sure Yashank gets all the treatment he needs. He and Sushma are at their wits' end about Yashank. Contribute and help save Baby Yashank. 

 You can also do a bank transfer/UPI to the following account
A/c Number: 80808080101022252

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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