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Chemotherapy Terrifies This 4-Year-Old, But It’s The Only Thing That Can Save Her From Cancer

As Shanmukha gets ready to take Vidhatri to the hospital for her next round of chemotherapy, she watches him from the room door packing her favourite colouring books and water bottle in a cloth bag. Little Vidhatri then realizes where she’s being taken. She runs back into the room and hides under the covers. Vidhatri is terrified of going to the hospital, and every week Shanmukha has to coax her out of her hiding place. “I’m not coming this time, appa,” she says, and Shanmukha gently picks her up as she cries and tries to wriggle out of his arms. As much as it hurts him to watch her cry, he knows that chemotherapy is the only chance she has to beat deadly cancer. However, after months of treatment, Shanmukha, an electrician earning a modest income, doesn’t have the means to continue his daughter’s life-saving treatment.  

She has been suffering for months now – even her fourth birthday was spent in pain

Little Vidhatri’s blood cancer was diagnosed in July this year, and ever since, she has been undergoing painful chemotherapy. Despite the pain, she found happiness in the little things – whether it’s the new colours her father got her to use in the hospital or her old stuffed toy. However, what Vidhatri was most excited about was getting a younger brother or sister. Mamatha was 7 months pregnant when Vidhatri was diagnosed with cancer.

“We had a baby girl in September this year. Due to the stress she was under about our daughter, she delivered the baby a month in advance. We couldn’t celebrate the baby’s arrival or Vidhatri’s fourth birthday in November. We just got her a small cake, because she insisted. She couldn’t even eat the cake. We can’t celebrate anything until we know that our Vidhu is going to be okay.” – Shanmukha, father.

Vidhatri and her father before she was diagnosed

Vidhatri can beat cancer with chemotherapy, she has fought bravely to make it this far despite her pain and fear

Vidhatri now watches her little sister from afar and hardly gets to play with her. As the months have passed, her bright smile has vanished. She can only beat cancer if she continues chemotherapy for the next 3 months. She now has mouth sores, severe leg pain and has lost all her hair. She doesn’t say much, but Vidhatri is a fighter – she has made it so far and can beat cancer with timely treatment. Unfortunately, her parents have nothing left to continue her treatment.

Vidhatri after two months of chemotherapy

Shanmukha has spent everything he had on her treatment so far, he needs your help to save her now

Shanmukha is always with Vidhatri since Mamatha can’t be with her all the time because of their newborn. He works as an electrician and earns around 9,000 per month, with which he has to provide for his family and somehow manage Vidhatri’s mounting medical bills. However, after managing treatment expenses with great difficulty for the past 3 months, Shanmukha is at a dead-end. He has nothing left to continue her treatment.

“She’s fought so hard till now, she can make it with treatment. But I barely have anything left now. I also have a small baby to look after. Work is not regular here and with no constant income, I can hardly save any money. All I want is my Vidhatri to get better and not be scared all the time.”

How You Can Help

Shanmukha and Mamatha are heartbroken watching their daughter suffer so much because of cancer. All they want is for her to get better again, so they can go back to their home in Mysore. Vidharti’s only chance of a normal, healthy childhood is continued chemotherapy for the next three months, however, Shanmukha’s income as an electrician isn’t enough to save her. Little Vidhatri needs your help. You can help bring back her smile again.

Your support will save Vidhatri’s life.

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