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My baby is unable to breathe – please help me get him a heart surgery

I am Surandra Sharma and my 9-month-old son Taniksh has a hole in his heart. He needs an operation that will close the hole. Without the operation, he gets bouts of pneumonia every second day. It is painful to watch his small body trying so hard to keep breathing. I am making a humble request to help me save my son.

Some family background – Taniksh was to be the joy of our life

I am not rich. I work in a grocery shop in Meerut. We live in a small kaccha house and this house has been the source of unimaginable misery. For this house, my aunt attacked my mother, wife and two small baby girls with acid to get rid of us. My wife succumbed to her burns and my innocent daughters were scarred for life. This was in 2005, when they were 1-year-old and 6-months-old.

I married again because I didn't feel like I could care for them on my own. They needed a mother. Taniksh was born this March and to my family – this felt like the first good thing that had happened in years. My daughters are also happy to have their own brother to play with.

But it seems I am fated to watch my children suffer. Taniksh used to turn blue and used to find it very hard to breathe. The doctors performed a surgery on him and removed a breathing obstruction. He was in the hospital till June. But all that was not enough. He continued to turn blue and that was when they told me that he had a hole in his heart and needed a surgery.

My means are humble and I have already spent everything we had on his treatment so far. I mortgaged my house and spent Rs 4 lakhs on the treatment so far. I have no where else to turn to. Once again, I need to see my baby suffer so much through no fault of his.

Even breathing is a struggle for Taniksh

Taniksh is too young to even hold up his head, and he can't speak to us. We know that he is having trouble breathing when we see his stomach desperately moving, trying to pull in some air. The doctor tells us the hole in his heart causes his lungs to flood with blood – that is why he gets so many infections.

He needs a surgery where the hole in his heart will be blocked. Once his heart is functioning normally, we all hope that he will become healthy. Because of his breathing problem at birth, the doctors suspect he has suffered brain damage. But with the heart surgery, he should be able to make a full recovery.

My daughters say that they will drop out of studies to save their brother. My wife says we should sell off our small home that has brought us nothing but bad luck. But even if we did all that, we would still not have enough to get Taniksh the surgery.

I have often wanted to end my life and finally escape all the terrible things that happened to me and my family. But the thought that my children have no one makes me choose to live every day. My children are my hope and my reason to live. Please help me save Taniksh.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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